Oct 02

Enlarged General Council Meet 10th – 13th September 2019, Rome

Enlarged  General Council Meet 10th - 13th September 2019, Rome An Enlarged General Council meet was held at the Casa Generalizia, Rome, from 10th -13th September 2019. There were 26 participants from the Italian Province, the 4 Indian Provinces, from the Delegation of Brazil and the African Mission . Sr. Elvira, the Superior General welcomed the participants and gave the Introductory talk. She said that this EGC is an opportunity to go beyond; to see the reality with more objectivity and to make decisions for the growth of the entire Congregation. She reminded that as leaders, it is our responsibility to take the Congregation ahead and to move in union with the universal mission of the Church specially according to the teachings of our Holy Father Pope Francis. She added that this EGC is an event through which we make an evaluative study of the way we have carried out the General Chapter Acts 2015, the theme of which was: “ fixing our gaze on Jesus Crucified and Risen, we strive to build a world of love and peace”. A realistic knowledge of our resources both personnel and finance will certainly help us to read the signs of the times within the Congregation and respond to them with generosity, especially as EGC delegates. Our failure to read the signs of the times will make us irrelevant to the world of today, and when we are irrelevant we are no longer needed or wanted. The participants were helped to reflect through the inputs given on: a) Post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation Christus Vivit Of The Holy Father Francis To Young People And To The Entire People Of God b) For New Wine, New Wineskins c) Sowers of Prophetic Hope and d. Interculturalism and consacrated life - Accepting differences as a gift There were open discussions and sharing which helped the members to know and understand the success achieved and challenges faced by each Province, Delegation and Region. An atmosphere of freedom and acceptance prevailed in the group all through the meeting. An orientation was given to look forward to the future with hope, to trust the Lord, to face the challenges of our Congregation by deepening our spirituality, following the charism of our Foundress Blessed Brigida of Jesus and to become sowers of prophetic hope in today’s world. At the end of the sessions the participants appraised : “The EGC was a spiritual renewal for us, and so we go back to our Missions with renewed energy to do our best for the growth of our Missions and of our Congregation”. The EGC 2019 concluded on 13th September at 4.30 p. m with a prayer to express deep gratitude to God for His presence and guidance during the meeting.

Lord let your light shine in us