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General Team

The Superior General is elected with an absolute majority of votes during the General Chapter which is held every six years at the expiry of the term of office of the Superior General. The Superior General is the embodiment of unity, the bond of peace and love among the sisters. She animates the religious family so as to maintain and increases religious perfection and apostolic effectiveness. The General government , applying the principle of subsidiarity , is committed in the first place, to preserving unity in the Institute and to promoting the spiritual and apostolic life, in charity and mutual esteem, it will develop an effective collaboration with Provinces, the Vice-Provinces, the Regions, the Delegations, and the Communities directly under her jurisdiction. (Dir.160-161) The General Council is made up of the Vicar General and three Councillors. They are elected by majority of votes after the election of the Superior General during the General Chapter. The first elected Councillor is the Assistant General . All collaborate with the Superior General in animating and governing the Institute. The Secretary General and Treasurer General are appointed by the Superior General with the consent of her Council. The Councillor General also can also be appointed as the Secretary General. The General Team resides in the Generalate, Via Dandolo, 46, Rome with the other members of the Generalate community.     The Present General leadership team :  2015-2021 Sr. Elvira Mattappally . The second Indian Superior General. Sr. Vandana Fernandes .  Assistant General Sr. Elena Scotti.   General Councillor Sr. Philo George Puthiayath . General Councillor,    Sr. Mabel kaithavelil .General Councillor & Secretary Sr.Jaya Kunnel - General Treasurer

Photos of the Previous three  General Team...

 Sr. Elvira &Team  Sr.Elvira & Team 2009-2015           
Sr. Bernadina and Team 2003-2009

Sr. Bernadina and Team 2003-2009


M.Giovanna & Team 1997-2003