Apr 24

opening of the Dossier of the Servant of God

As per the date fixed by the Congregation for the Cause of Saints, Vatican, the Dossier of the Servant of God Sr. Maria Celine Kannanaikal UMI. was opened by Rev. Msgr. Giacomo Poppalardo in his office on 21 February 2015 at 9.30 am. Rev. Dr. Cherian Thunduparambil CMI, the Roman Postulator, Sr. Elvira Mattappally the Superior General, Sr. Lilly Jose Parankulangara, the Collaborator, and Sr. Carmelita Chovattukunnel were present for the opening Ceremony. The Zinc box containing the Archetype copy was kept ready on Monsignor’s table. The Session started with a short prayer by Msgr. Giacomo. He checked the official letters of Rev. Dr. Alex Vadakumthala, Bishop of Kannur, Rev. Msgr. Clement Langen, the Episcopal Delegate and Rev. Fr. George Painadath, the Promoter of Justice, addressed to Cardinal Angelo Amato SDB, the Prefect of the Congregation for the Cause of Saints. Then he cut opened the seal of the box, took out the packets neatly arranged in it, with a commend that it is well arranged. He went through Part I which has the Table of Content, official documents such as appointments and other details. Though he took out the other packets – Part II & III, did not go through as he was convinced that it was well kept. Regarding the ‘Public’ Copy packed in a similar container, he did not check saying, “ If the Archetype is in order, I assume that the Public Copy is the same” The Report will be bound into eight books before they start studying them. In the meantime, the Dossier of the Miracle will be opened in the same manner as that of the Life and Virtues of the Servant of God. These two are treated separately one after the other. The date of the opening is not fixed. We feel happy that God listened to our prayers and Msgr. Giacomo found everything well packed. The content of the box is yet to be seen and studied. Let us continue to implore God’s Mercy and help for the work that is ahead. With a note of gratitude to God and to each one, we seek the intercession of our Sr. Celine to obtain blessings for all... DSC00653