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Generalate House

 History of the Generalate The Mother-House at Piacenza was the seat of the Superior General, called Prioress at the time of foundation, till the year 1993. When the Institute/Congregation was re-organized into Provinces, in 1988, it became necessary to have a separate Generalate House for better administration. The Indian Delegation became a Province in 1985. It had grown rather too quickly and there were already 46 convents in different parts of India: South, Center and North, difficult to administer by one Provincial Superior alone. It was then decided to form 3 Provinces, keeping in mind the location of the Convents. This process took place in 1988, on 15th Augist, and the “Triplet” acquired a name: 1. The “Southern Province”, based at Kannur, was formed by the Convents situated in the following States of India: Kerala and Tamilnadu. 2. The “Central Province”, based at Bangalore was formed by the convents situated in the States of Maharashtra, Karnataka and Orissa. 3. The “Northern Province”, based at Lucknow (UP) took the States of Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Punjab and Madhya Pradesh. The Sisters were given the opportunity to choose the Province, but the needs of the apostolic services were given priority. A reasonable time was given for the transaction. More changes were made as necessary, and from 2010, we have 4 Provinces in India. The last one being: The “Nirmala Province”, based at Greater Noida (Delhi)

M. Angela Marina

The Italian Province was formed in 1989 and is based at the Mother House of the Institute at Piacenza. The Generalate was shifted to Rome in 1993, on 11th February in a building situated in Via Monte Senario, Rome, Italy. It was a small, but beautiful villa with a garden; there were only few rooms, barely enough for the Sisters who formed the General Council. There were no extra rooms for other Sisters who, eventually, would need to stay in Rome for studies orfor any other experience. Looking for a larger house was out of the question – the cost would exceed our budget. The Superior General was Sr. Angela Marina Magalini. In the meantime, the sad situation of diminishing vocations to religious life and the aging of Sisters, was the cause of closing down many Institutions by many religious Congregations.

Generate House & Community, Rome

Our Convent in Rome, at Via Dandolo, 46 had been doing a great service to education by running a KG and an Elementary School, from 1931. Both schools were much appreciated by the local people. There were also a few rooms for guests. However, our Congregation too was forced to close the schools for lack of Religious Teachers; the aged Sisters could not carry on their mission any longer. And so, the house of Via Dandolo became free for other purposes. We were fortunate to be able to sell the House at Monte Senario for a good price and the Generalate was moved/shifted to Via Dandolo in 1998. The Superior General was Sr. M. Giovanna Alberoni.
Mother Giovanna alberoni

Mother Giovanna alberoni

Sr. Bernardina Poonthottam

Sr. Bernardina Poonthottam

Sr. Elvira Mattappally

Sr. Elvira Mattappally


M.Giovanna & team

Sr. Bernadina & Team


Sr. Elvira & Team

  It became necessary to restructure the building to serve the new purpose. The work began in 1999 and was done with the services of Architect Gaetano Callocchia and the Construction Firm “Edil” of Mr. Mosca. The third floor was redesigned and is now a “Casa per Ferie” for Pilgrims and other guests with 20 rooms. The second floor was designed to give offices for the General Council, for the Archives, and for other needs, including rooms for the Sisters. A fitting reception hall was carved out of a big room used earlier as a store room. The beautiful Chapel has remained unchanged as the Heart of the Generalate.

chapel- Roma



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