Oct 13

66th General Chapter 2021 of the Ursulines of Mary Immaculate

The 66th General Chapter of UMIs was held in our Generalate Rome from 22nd September to 8th of October 2021, using computerized and Telematic means with the Theme ‘Awakened to be Sowers of Prophetic Hope’. We celebrated our General Chapter in the most constraining context of the Covid-19 Virus. This sacred event was a powerful intervention of the Spirit, who has guided our every step, giving us light, and strength and inspiring us with wisdom. We lived an intense and extraordinary time, aware of our responsibility to discern together what the Lord wants for us and from us. The General Chapter was a wakeup call to UMIs to perceive the existential realities of our time and be challenged to a greater commitment to the mission of the Church by reaching out in service and to give hope to the crucified of this pandemic world. Following the example of Pope Francis’ leadership, a strong emphasis was laid on evangelisation and to proclaim the Joy of the Gospel to the poor and to go out to the peripheries to bring the Good News.

The chapter was animated by  Rev. Fr. George Mutholil S.J, the General Councilor of the Society of Jesus in Rome. His gracious presence, his “process” skills, embedded in spiritual wisdom and discernment, helped the group to think prophetically, create clarity, and encouraged breakthroughs. His challenging interventions and timely suggestions played a crucial role for the success of the Chapter.


Today the whole world is grappling under the adverse effect of Covid-19, the significance of the universality of the mission in a global perspective with pastoral concern and justice was upheld.Every UMI drawing strength from the Crucified Lord, is called to deepen the awareness of the UMI as an International Congregation with a Universal Mission of being Awakened to be Sowers of Prophetic Hope, marching on looking at the Crucified Lord and the crucified of today.