The ‘mission’ of the Ursulines of Mary Immaculate of Piacenza, wherever they are, is rooted in the inherited Charism, it is a participation in the mission of the Church and, like the Church, aims to establish God’s Kingdom of justice, love and peace, though the evangelical witness of their life and by responding relevantly to the needs of the people. We, the Ursulines) are expected to be women of prayer, contemplatives in action, our service to flow from our union with the merciful God, until we can identify ourselves with the suffering humanity of today: the sick, the illiterate, the marginalized, the oppressed and, very specially, with women and children. The Foundress wanted her Daughters to be happy and so to be cheerful givers. Soon after their arrival, the Pioneers opened a dispensary and visited the sick in their homes. As soon as they moved to Cannanore, they took care of poor children of the Pulaya mission. The internment during the Second World War gave them the opportunity to start a school at Payyanur and a Training Center for Teachers of LP Schools. At present the Institute runs schools from the KG to the Pre-university levels. It has schools of English medium and of the vernacular. The first service the Pioneers gave to the sick, has grown much. The Sisters are now caring for the sick in eight specialized General Hospitals, 10 health Centers in villages, run 3 schools of Nursing, 2 Colleges of Nursing and 2 Laboratories schools. Many Sisters are engaged in socio-pastoral service for the poor and specially for women and children. Besides our mission in India, we, UMIs are present in Brazil for over 25 years, in socio-pastoral services. In Africa, in Kenya and Tanzania, since 2001, we serve in a Diocesan school, have a residential school of our own and serve in a Hospital and in a dispensary belonging to the Diocese. Wherever we are present, our life and apostolic activity reflect the Charism of the Foundress. The heritage left by Blessed Brigida Morello of Jesus is still very much alive, through our ministries and we are guided by the unifying apostolic option of the Congregation, spelt out as “Option for the poor”


Our primary form of evangelization continues to be education. Through this ministry, we contribute to the integral formation of the young, instructing them in moral, in all kinds of knowledge and skills suitable to their condition. We enlighten them in the knowledge of God and the values of the Kingdom. In our schools we favour …

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Healing Ministry

The Foundress recognized the face of the suffering Christ in the sick. Inspired by this, the Institute takes up the healing ministry in order to relieve the pain-stricken from their agony. The Ursulines bears witness to Jesus’ compassion, bringing solace to the sick and suffering, with competence and pastoral sensitivity, respecting life in all its …

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Socio-Pastoral Care

The Socio-Pastoral Ministry, foreseen in our Foundational Charism, is being realized in today’s context through our concern for the promotion of the Kingdom values of freedom, fellowship and justice, through our shift from mere charitable works to developmental and justice oriented ministrty. A good number of our sisters are actively involved in this ministry, working …

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Casa Per Ferie, Roma

“Istituto  Orsoline di Maria Immacolata” La Casa PerFerie “Istituto Orsoline di Maria Immacolata” offre accoglienza a gruppi, a famiglie e a persone singole che desiderano recarsi a Roma in pellegrinaggio o in visita turistica.  La Casamette a disposizione dei suoi Ospiti solo il servizio di pernottamento. Tutte le camere sono arredate con gusto e permettono all’Ospite …

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