Service of Authority (Con. 165-264) The service of authority in the Institute is based on Faith; is fostered by the teaching and the example of the life of Jesus: “I am among you as one who serves” (Lk. 22:27 b). The Superiors will accomplish the task entrusted to them with commitment, courageand love, and help the members to live their consecration and mission according to the Charism of the Institute. Superiors and all those in authority endeavour to help the sisters by: 1- providing for the sisters freedom necessary to respond with initiative and creativity to the call of the Spirit; 2- helping the sisters to deepen the Charism and mission of the Institute to which we are called; 3- facilitating the spiritual growth and promoting the bonds of communion, mutual esteem and cordiality; 4-appreciating the diverse gifts of the sisters and promoting them for the good of the apostolate of the Institute; 5- co-ordinating the various activities, integrating them with the teachings of the Foundress and of the Church. ( Dir. 141)

General Team

The Superior General is elected with an absolute majority of votes during the General Chapter which is held every six years at the expiry of the term of office of the Superior General. The Superior General is the embodiment of unity, the bond of peace and love among the sisters. She animates the religious family …

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Provincial Teams

The Provincial Superior is appointed by the Superior General with the consent of her Council for a three year term, and may be reappointed for a second term, and, in some special cases, for a third term. This appointment is to be preceded by a suitable consultation according to the norms of the Directory. ( …

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Superior Generals

1. Madre Laura Masi 7th March 1649 – 13th Jan.1650 2. Madre Isabella Lampugnani – 2nd March 1650 – 2nd March 1660 3. Madre Agata Francesca Morello – 2nd March 1660 – 2nd March 1665 4. Madre Bl. Mother Brigida Morello (Foundress.) 2nd March 1665-3rd Sept1679.Died on 3rd Sept 1679 5.Madre Isabella Lampugnani – 19th …

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Superiors of Indian Mission

Leaders responsible for the expansion of the Indian Mission Mother Radini Tedeschi- The Superior General who opened the Indian Mission in 1934. Mission Superiors 1.Mother Annunciata Rosetti (1934-1937) 2. Mother Margaret Bennoci (1938- 1951) 3. Mother Stefania Murelli 1952- 1970 Delegate Superior 1. Mother Aloysia Vaz (1971- 1985) Indian Delegation was divided into two Regions …

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