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Provincial Teams

The Provincial Superior is appointed by the Superior General with the consent of her Council for a three year term, and may be reappointed for a second term, and, in some special cases, for a third term. This appointment is to be preceded by a suitable consultation according to the norms of the Directory. ( const.239) The Provincial Superior is assisted by four Councillors. They are chosen by the Superior General with the consent of her Council, after prior consultation with the sisters and the provincial superior, according to the norms given in the Directory. One of the Councillors is the vice Provincial. The Provincial Superior with the consent of her Council appoints the Provincial Secretary and the Provincial Treasurer. The Provincial Superior shall promote union among the sisters and exercise her authority lovingly on all the sisters in the Province. Present Provincial Teams:
Italian Province:
Suor Rosalina Broch Superiora Provinciale
Suor Alice Kongola Vicaria Provinciale
Suor Lucia Ziliani Consigliera Provinciale
Suor M. Alessandra Sotgiu Consigliera Provinciale
 Suor Flavia Fermi Consigliera Provinciale
Amala Province:
Sr. Vinaya Purayidathil Provincial Superior
Sr. Veena Panamkattu Vice Provincial
Sr. Molly Anchanikkal Provincial Councillor
Sr. Sandhya Paul Munjanattu Provincial Councillor
Sr. Jyothsna Varkey Mancheril Provincial Councillor
Sr. Marcella Kaviyil Provincial Secretary
Sr. Grace Antony Provincial Treasurer
Vimala Province:
Sr. Rupa Panachipuram Provincial Superior
Sr. Pushpa Jacob Puthussery Vice Provincial
Sr. Maria Philip Kanayinkal Provincial Councillor
Sr.Sonia Varghese Attucherayil Provincial Councillor
Sr. Purnima Attarimackal Provincial Councillor
Sr. Bernadisa Urumbil Provincial Secretary
Sr. Reena Paul Kunnath Provincial treasurer
Sacred Heart  Province:
Sr. Kusum Panthalanickal Provincial Superior
Sr. Nikesh Munjanattu Vice Provincial
Sr. Alinda Jose Kalluvellikunnel Provincial Councillor
Sr. Alice Antony Thannipara Provincial Councillor
Sr. Beena Devassia Madhavath Provincial Councillor
Sr. Nikesh Munjanattu Provincial Secretary
Sr. Philomin George Thadathil Provincial Treasurer
NIrmala Province:
Sr. Rittie Mattathil Provincial Superior
Sr. Nirupa Puthenpurackal Vice Provincial
Sr. Benette Cherolickal Provincial Councillor
Sr. Archana Thyparapmbil Provincial Councillor
Sr. Anu George Kandavanam Provincial Councillor
Sr. Daisy George Nelluvelikunnel Provincial Secretary
 Sr. Anjali Jacob Cheriyambanattu  Provincial Treasurer
Brazil Delegation:
Sr. Yvone D'Lima Fernades Superior of the Delegation
Sr. Roseline Rebello First Councillor
Sr. Nudair De Feritus Second councillor