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                                 MILESTONES  OF  OUR  CONGREGATION

1649     17th February:  Foundation of the  Institute, then titled/called:House of St. Orsola” at     Piacenza, Italy

 1679        3rd September:  death of the Foundress,  Brigida Morello of Jesus.

1808       23rd May:  opening of the “External School”, also  called  “Public School”.

1850      29th June:  Establishment of the “Marian Congregation” among the Boarders.  It was      afiliated to the ‘Prima Primaria’ of Rome.

1851      6th January:  Baptism of two African girls rescued from slavery by Father Nicolò Olivieri.

1852      23rd July:  Establishment of the “Marian Congregation” in  the  External School.

1856     31st May:  Establishment of the “Holy Childhood” in the External School.

1856     16th August:  First ‘General Meeting’ of the “Ladies of Charity” of St. Vincent de Paul.  Reported that monthly Recollection day and Retreat be held regularly for the  Boarders   and for the “Ladies of Charity”.

1859     9th September:   Closure of the “Marian Congregation” of the External School.

1869     8th December:  Re-opening of the “Marian Congregation” for the Boarders.

1880     First plans to open new Houses.

1881    Opening of the House of Fidenza as a Holiday resort for the Boarders.

 1882    3rd November:  Foundation of the House of Fidenza. (then  called   Borgo  San Donnino)

11th November:  Opening of the “Half Boarding” at  Piacenza for the girls of middle class   families.

1889   3rd June:  Closure of the Boarding at Piacenza.

1900   50th  Anniversary of the establishment of the “Marian Congregation”.   For the occasion a small  ‘Manual of Prayers’ was printed for its Members.

1910 29th April:  Change of name of the Marian Congregations into: “Daughters of Mary”. 0pening of the “Sunday Catechetical School”.

1910 27th December: Foundation of the House of Rapallo – on St. John Evangelist feast day.

1919 – 1920:  Beginning of the publication of the writings of Mother Imelda Bianchedi.

1920    15th October:  Foundation of a House at Busseto (PR).

1921    18th December: Inauguration, at Piacenza, of the “School of Religion”, by the Bishop. The “Marian Congregation”/”Daughters of Mary”, began its apostolic activity in three Sectors: a)  Eucharistic,  b)  Catechesis,  c)  Missionary.

The same Marian Congregation founded a School: “Work and Study”, especially for teaching Catechism  to  working women.

1925    Month of May:  The Eucharistic Crusade opened at our Semi-boarding School.  Now called “Emmaus Groups”.

1926    Closure of the House at Busseto, (PR)

1930   12th May:  Foundation of  the  House  for Retreats at Rezzanello (PC)

1930   24th July:  Opening of the House of Rome dedicated to St. Joseph.  Apostolates:

  1. Elementary School,
  2. Optional courses for feminine culture: embroidery, painting, pottery, typewriting, foreign languages etc.
  3. Boarding for visiting young ladies, especially for teachers appearing for a State examination. (See Osservatore Romano of 23.09.1930)

1930   28th August – 1st September:  First Retreat at Rezzanello for 150 young girls of Piacenza.

1934   12th November: Birth of the Indian Mission.  The five Pioneers were:  Mother Annunciata   Rossetti, Mother Saveria Sabbadini, Mother Margherita Benocci, Mother Elena Valsecchi  and Sister Assunta Lusardi.  They landed at Calicut, Kerala   (Beipur port).   They had  travelled on the ship “Vittoria”.

They resided, temporarily, at Calicut, worked in a ‘Dispensary’ and visited the sick  in their homes.  The First Superior of the Mission was Mother Annunciata Rossetti.

1934  8th December: The consecration of the Institute to the Immaculate Virgin Mary was solemnly   re-newed by the Prioress, Mother M. Felice Radini Tedeschi.

1936    The Pioneers of the Indian Mission moved to Cannanore, stayed in a rented house for a while  and continued their apostolic service for the people of the locality.

1936: The “House of St. Ursula”, as the Institute was called, had to wait almost 300 years to obtain Ecclesiastical approbation. It was on 25th March 1936 that the House of St. Ursula became an Institute of Pontifical Right with the title of “Ursulines of Mary Immaculate of Piacenza”. Mother Radini Tedeschi was the Superior General who obtained this approbation from the Holy See.

1938   Mother Margherita Benocci was appointed Superior of the Indian Mission.

1938    23rd November:  Arrival in India of the second band of Missionaries:  Mother Agata   Bompart and  Mother Adelaide Giuliani.  With them there was also Mother M. Grazia Coelho,  an Indian from Mangalore who had made her novitiate in Italy.  She left the convent  after a while.

1939  19th March.  Feast of St. Joseph:  Blessing of the House at Payyambalam, Cannanore, Kerala, which  is,  even now,  the Mother-House of the Indian  Mission.

 1943 –   1945  Second World War:  The Sisters were ‘interned’ at Payyanur, because Italy was allied with Germany.  India was still a British Colony and as such enemy of Italy too.

 1943    Indian Mission: Opening of the first filial House at Punchakkad, Payyanur under the guidance of Mother Margaret Benocci.

1946    11th February: Opening of a third house at Mattul.  It was an ‘Orphanage’. The Sisters were taking care of the orphans and doing socio - pastoral work as well. The House was closed in 1954.

 1948     4th NovemberArrival in India of the third band of Missionaries: Mother Stefania Murelli,    Mothe   Luciana Perotti, Sr. Tomasina Pecci and Sr. Giovanna Alberoni. The Superior  General was Mother Giuseppina Fulcheri.

 1949    20th January:  Death of Mother Radini Tedeschi, the Foundress of the Indian Mission. She is  buried in the cemetery of Verano, Rome.

 1949    June:  General Chapter:  Mother Claudia Margherita Scarani was elected Superior General.

1952      13th May: Mother Stefania Murelli is nominated Delegate of the Indian Mission.

1953    16th February:  Opening of a Holiday house, “Villa Morello”, at Wellington, Nilgris T.N. It was a small cottage which has been re-structured in stages up to he present building. Our Sisters initiated a service to the local people with a crèche for small children.  The Center was much appreciated because it left the mothers free to exercise a remunerative work. Later it became a residential school; Now a High School. .

 1953      28th June:  Birth of the Mission in Northern India, at Kanpur, UP, with the arrival of Mother Stefania Murelli,  Mother  Dr. Raffaella Scolletta,  Sisters Giovanna Alberoni, Tomasina Pecci  and  Rosa, Sr. Felix.

8th August:  Opening of the first Convent, in the premises of St. Patrick’s Church, 36 Cant.Kanpur, UP. First apostolate was the opening of a Health Center, a/Clinic. Among the Sisters there was a Doctor, Mother Raffaella Scolletta, who had made her noviciate in Italy. She later left the Institute. Later, Mother Aloysia Vaz and other Sisters taught in the Parish School, “St. Aloysius”. Then our own school was built. (Hindi Medium)

 1954    20 October:  First visit of a Mother General,  Mother Claudia Margherita Scarani,  to the Indian  Mission, 19 years after its birth.  The General Procurator, Mother Caterina Cereti  had come  with the Superior General.

1955    June: General Chapter in Italy. Mother Stefania Murelli participated as Delegate of the Mission.

 1956    13th June:  Foundation of the House of Cologna Veneta.  After a few months also the Houses at Alte Ceccato and at St. Andrea.  All three in the Diocese of Vicenza, Italy.

 1957      30th May:  Opening of  “Mariampur Convent and School” at Kanpur, U.P. India

1957      25th July:  Sister Celine Kannanaikal died  25  days after her  first  Profession at Cannanore.

1959      21st October: Opening of  “St. Mary’s Convent  & School” at Kokkanissery, Cannanore Dst,Kerala

 1960         6th June: Opening of  “Ursuline Convent” at Trikarpur, Kasargod Dst. Kerala.

1960:      Foundation of a House at Alghero, Sardegna, Italy, in the  Diocese of Alghero-Bossa.  KG   School.

1961      11th February:  Opening of “Mariampur Hospital” at  Kanpur, UP. First Hospital of the   Istitute and of the Indian Mission.

1961     August:  General Chapter in Italy. Mother Stefania Murelli  and Mother Aloysia Vaz participated  as Delegates of the Mission.

 1963      2nd October:    Opening of “St. Joseph’s Convent” at Robertsganj, Sonbhadra, UP.

 1964       Opening of the “Ursuline Convent” at  Pariyaram, Kannur, Kerala, on land donated by   Father Caironi S.J. to help the ‘Orphanage’ of Punchakkad.  It later became a Noviciate House, Jevass, and a High School...

 1st April: The Institute accepts  the administration of the “Nirmala Hospital”, Marikunnu, Calicut,  Kerala. The  Hospital belongs to the Diocese of Calicut.  It was run by Italian  Doctors  and by the Sisters of Maria Bambina. Mother Alooysia Vaz  was its first Administrator.

 30th December: Opening of “St. Mary’s Convent” at Bazpur, Nainital,  UP

 1965   t April:  Opening of “Good Shepherd Hospital” at Vaiythiri, Waynad, Kerala. Situated   in the “Chellote Estate” of Tea & Coffèe of the Diocese of Calicut, it is open to all, but caters. especially to the families of the workers of the Clellotte Estate.

 1st June: Opening of  “Sacred “Heart Convent” at  Obra, Sonbhadra, UP

  16th June:   Opening of  “Nirmala Convent” at  Renukoot, Sonbhadra, UP

 1st August:  Opening of  “St. Joseph’s Convent” at  Chakeri, Kanpur UP

 1965  Acquisition of a  House at  Borno, Brescia, Italy - as a Holiday House.

1966      May:   Opening of the “Ursuline  Convent of M.I.” at Bangalore, Karnataka. In the year 1988 it became the Provincialate of the  Central Province.

 2nd June: Opening of “St. Rita’s Convent” at Goa. Parish School.

 2nd October: Opening of at the “Little Flower Home for the Aged and School”, at Kathgodam, Nainital. UP.

1967     August:  General Chapter in Italy.  Mother Stefania  Murelli, Mother Margaret  Benocci and  Sr. Emanuela  Saldanha  represented  the Indian Delegation.  Mother Anna Margherita Bianchi was elected Superior General.  She officially initiated  the process  for the Cause of Beatification of the Foundress, Brigida Morello of Jesus.

1969         3rd May:  Opening of “Mary Immaculate Convent” at Bondel,  Mangalore,  Karnataka.

 1970          1 – 29th August:  Special Chapter  convened at Rezzanello for  updating the Constitutions, requested by  the MOTU PROPRIO “ECCLESIAE  SANCTAE”.

1971         April:  Mother Aloysia Vaz replaced Mother Stefania Murelli as Delegate Superior of the Indian  Mission.

  18th June: Opening of  “Sacred Heart Convent” at Burnassery, Kannur. It was closed after some Years.

 27 December: Opening of the “Ursuline Convent” at Trivandrum, Kerala

 1972       20th May: Opening of  “St. Xavier’s Convent” at  Loutulim, Goa.

 1973       22nd April: Opening of  “Nirmala Home for the Aged” at  Nashik, Maharashtra.

 August:  General Chapter celebrated at Rezzanello, Italy.

 Delegates from India::  Mother  Aloysia Vaz,Sr. Louisa Margaret Tayil, Sr. Giovanna Alberoni, Sr.Letizia Saldanha, Sr.Anna  Margherita Kompara and Sr Alphonsa Thyparambil who was  substituting, as delegate, Mother Stefania Murelli, who was undergoing treatment for Cancer, by ‘cobalt therapy’ at Varese, Italy.

1974       26th June: Opening of “St. Patrick’s Convent” at Jaunpur, UP.

1975       9th February: Opening of ‘Karunashray Hospital’ at Sultanpur, UP.  Sr. Dr. Teresa Pia  Varikatt was in charge of the hospital for 10 years. She died in a road accident on 10 August  She had obtained her Medical Degree in Italy, at the Medical University of Rome.  Before returning to India she had also specialized in Anaesthesia.

1976      17th February: Opening of “St. Mary’s Hospital” at Bazpur, Nainital, UP.

 21st June: Opening of “‘St. Ann’s Convent” at Chandigarh, Punjab.

1977      20th March:  Opening of “Marianad Convent” at Pambra, Wynad, Kerala.

1978        11th February:  The Congregation of the  Medical Mission Sisters, gratuitously, handed over ur  Congregation the Holy Family Hospital, at Bandra, Bombay.

1979         22nd February: Opening of “Our Lady of the Snows Convent” at  Kulu Valley, Kashmir It was  closed after a few years.

 August:  General Chapter  in Italy.  There were seven Delegates from India.  Mother Stefania Murelli was elected Superior General  (she had fully recovered) .

Sr. Maria Consolata Gaggi  :Vicar General

Sr. Angela Marina Magalini: Councilor General

Sr.Maria Rita Simonetti: Councilor General

Sr. Letizia Saldanha: Councilor General

 At this Chapter  it was  decided to have two Regions in India: Southern and Northern.  The  Regional Superiors nominated were:  Sister Monica Manikunnel  for the Northern Region  and Sister Alphonsa Thyparambil for the Southern Region.

1980     Implementation of the new administrative structure: 2 Regions under the direction of the Delegate of the Mission, Mother Aloysia Vaz.

 21st May: Opening of “St. Ignatius Convent” at  Paladka Mangalore, Karnataka..

1981     6th March: Opening of “Nirmala Niketan Health Centre” at  Sikanderpur,

 15th March:  The Foundress, Brigida Morello of Jesus is declared VENERABLE,  by  Pope John Paul II

1982:   May: Opening of the “Ursuline Training Centre” at Pariyaram, Kerala. At present it has become the   Novitiate of  the Southern Province named  “ Jeevass” 

 22nd May: Opening of the “Ursuline Convent” at Mangara, Kannur, Kerala .

 23rd July: Opening of the  ‘Ursuline Convent, Daya Nilaya Arogya Kendra” at  Mirjan, Karnataka.

 8th September:  Openng of  “Nirmala Nilayam Convent” at Calicut, Kerala..

 1984     31st May: Opening of “Our Lady of Desterro Convent” at Vasco, Goa.

  15th October:  Opening of “Prem Dham” at Gajraula.  UP

 12th November:  Golden Jubilee of the Indian Mission.

 1985      13th March:  Birth of the Brazilian Mission at Ponta Grossa, Paranà.  Pioneers:  Sisters  Paola  Tiramani, Carmela Sotju and Marisa  Mundackal.    Superior General was Mother Stefania Murelli.

August:   60th  General Chapter held at Rezzanello, Italy.  Mother Angela Marina Magalini was elected Superior General.

Mother Aloysia Vaz,  Vicar General

Sr.Rita Simonetti   Councilor General

Sr.Franca Gnappi   Councilor General .

Sr. Monica Braggio  Councilor General

 At this Chapter, the Indian Mission, a Delegation, was declared a Province. Sister M. Giovanna Alberoni  was nominated its first  Provincial Superior.    Provincialate at Kannur, Kerala.

1986      27th December: Opening of ‘St. John’s  Convent’ at  Ezhimala, Kerala. The Convent was closed on 22nd May 2002. It was re-opened on 3rd April 2004.(Refer to annals II vol.)

1987      11th February: Opening of “Ananda Dhama” at Bargi, Karwar, Karnataka.

 20th May: Opening of  “Shantigram” at Kurumathur, Kannur.Kerala UTC (Ursuline training  Center).

16th August: Opening of “Rosary Villa” at  Bhowali, Nainital UP-

Opening of “Asha Niketan” at Bailparao, Nainital, UP.

1988        29th April: Opening of  “Vikas Convent” at  Karanjia, Orissa. The house was closed in 2008..

1988      15th August:   The Indian Province is re-organized into 3 Provinces:  Southern Province with Provincialate at Kannur,  Central  Province with its Provincialate at Bangalore and orthern  Province with its Provincialate at Mariampur. The Sisters were allowed to choose the Province, but the needs of the Apostolate/ministries  had priority, over the Sisters’ choice.  A  reasonable time was given for the choice.  

 Southern Provincial Team:

 Sr. Lilliana Kandamkulathil- Provincial Superior,

Sr. Bianca Naranath,  Vice Provincial

Councillors: Sr. Alberta Arakal,

Sr. Loyola kanatt, and Sr. Helen Varikkamakkal.

Sr. Nikesh Munjanatt- Prov. Procurator and

Sr. Marcella Kaviyil- Prov. Secretary

  Central Province:

Sister Giovanna Alberoni, Provincial Superior,

Sr. Elvira Mattappally,, Vice Provincial,

Councillors-   Sr. Bernardina Poonthottam,

Sr. Yvonne D’Lima Fernandes,

Sr. Berchmans  Kuzhimattathil,

Sr. Sonia Abraham Palayikudiyil Prov. Procurator,

Sr. Gonzaga Thuruthiyil Prov.Secretary

            North Province:

 Sr. Francesca Edattel- Provincial Superior,

Sr.Letizia Saldanha- Vice Provincial

Councillors- Sr. Alphonsa Thyprambil,

Sr. Tecla Nellanikatt,

Sr. Tarcizia Thenamackal

Sr. Mercy Chittilappilly- Prov. Procurator,

Sr. Alex Embrayil- Prov. Secretary

1989    Opening of  “Christuseva Niketan” at  Double Pulia, Kanpur, UP.

May: The Italian Convents are declared a Province. Mother Stefania Murelli is the   Provincial Superior.    

24th May: Opening of  “Ursuline Convent” at Vizhinjam, Trivandrum, Kerala

24th May: Opening of “Ursuline Convent” at Chellakere,  Chitradurga, Karnataka.

 8th July: Opening of   “Seva Sadan Health Centre” at Anuppur, MP.

 21st October: Opening of  “Karunalaya Convent and Health Centre” at Keutunimari, Orissa.

1990       17th February:  Blessing and inauguration of  NIVEDITA, the “Ursuline Training Center” at TC Palaya, Bangalore,  by Mother Angela Marina Magalini, the Superior General. This  Novitiate Center  was meant for the 3 Provinces to ensure unity by  a  common basic formation.   The Novitiate had been at Cannanore  from the time of its erection, in 1939 by a Decree of Pope  Pius XI.

Opening of “Snehalaya Convent” at Jhansi. It was closed in May 2007.

20th November:  Death of the Provincial Superior of the Southern Province, Sister Liliana Kandamkulattil.  Sister M. Bianca Naranath, the vicar, took temporary charge of the Province, till the new Team was nominated.

1991      19th May: Opening of  ‘Ursula Bhawan  Hospital’ at Ambalapuzha, Kerala

 6th June: Opening of “St. Mary’s Convent” at Raghopur, UP

 1st to 25th August:  61st General Chapter  at Piacenza, Italy.  Mother Angela Marina  Magalini  is re-elected Superior General.

Sr. Bernardina Poonthottam, Vicar General

Sr. Maria Rita Simonetti- Councillor

Sr. Maria Theophane Odackal, Councillor and Procurator

Sr. Maria Bertilla Frigo- Councillor

At this Chaper, it was decided to celebrate an ‘Enlarged General Council’ about the middle of the sessennium.

 2nd August: Opening of an  “Ursuline Convent” in a  Syrian Diocese, by the Northern  Province,at Trissur, Kerala.

1991     The new Provincial team is appointed  with Sr. Alberta Arackal as  the Provincial Superior,   Mother Aloysia Vaz - Vice Provincial


Sr.Adel Muhuparakunnel.

Sr. Tarcisia Thenammackal

Sr. Pierrina Kochumuttom, Prov. Procurator,

Sr. Marcella Kaviyil- Prov. Secretary

 1991:   Sr. Gaudenzia Chunayanmackal is appointed Provincial Superior of the  of Central Province:

Sr. Alphonsa Thaiparambil, Vice Provincial

Councillors: Sr. Berchmans Kuzhimattathil,

Sr. Geena Vengathanam,

Sr. Yvonne L’ma Fernandes ,

Sr. Nikesh Munjanatt,  Prov. Procurator & Secretary.

1991:     Sr. Francesca Edattel is re-appointed Provincial Superior of the Northern Province

Sr. Tecla Nellanikatt, Vice Provincial,

Councillors: Sr. Phylis Puthusseril,

Sr.Yvette Cheriapurath,

Sr. Elvira Mattappally.

Sr. Julia Arackal,  Prov. Procurator,

Sr. Alex Embrayil- Prov. Secretary

1992:       1st January: Opening of ‘Vimal Sadan’ at Kalli, Lucknow, UP,  the Provincialate of  Northern Province; shifted from Mariampur. At Present it is known as Ursuline Convent     Formation House for the  Candidates and Postulants of the Northern Province.

 6 April: Opening of “St. Joseph’s Convent” at Nashik, Mahashatra.

31st May:  Opening of the  “rsuline Convent” at Mannarakad, Palagat, Kerala.

21st October: Opening of  “Casa Santa Ursula Formation House” at Ponta Grossa Brazil.

1993       11th February: Transfer of the Generalate from Piacenza to Rome, at Via Monte senario, 57, in a small Villa.  It was transferred again on 27th July 1999.

 19th March: Opening of “Ursuline Convent” at Aluva, in a Syrian Diocese by the Central Province.

 2nd  June:  Opening of “St. Mary’s Convent & School” at Newasa, Maharashtra

 9th – 13th July: First Enlarged General Council, celebrated at Piacenza, Italy

 25th August: Opening of “Amala Convent” at Rasiamangalam, Tanjavur.TN

 1st November: Opening of “Ursuline Convent” at Bommasandra, Bangalore. Karnataka.

1995       Sr. Alberta Arackal  re-appointed Provincial Superior of the Southern  Province:

Sr. Carmelita Chovattukunnel,  Vice Provincial

Councillors- Sr. Fernanda Ezhanikattu,

Sr. Philo George Puthiyathu,

Sr. Geneveve Panackal,

Sr. Grashy Jose Kidgan,  Provincial Procurator,

Sr. Marcella Kaviyil- Provincial Secretary

1995       Sr. Elvira Mattappally is appointed Provincial Superior of the Northern Province

Sr. Yvette Cheriapurath, Vice Provincial

Councillors: Sr. Phylis Puthusseril,

Sr. Helen Varikamakal,

Sr. Linnet Mundakal.

Sr. Sonia Palayikudiyil, Provincial. Procurator,

Sr. Jeanne Marie Kottarthil, Provincial. Secretary


1995     Sr. Gaudenzia Chunayanmackal is re-appointed Provincial Superior of the  Central Province:

Sr. Vandana Fernandes, Vice Provincial

Councillors: Sr. Georgia Myladoor,

Sr. Geena Vengathanam,

Sr. Aquinas Parickappillil

Sr. Nikesh Munjanatt,  Provincial. Procurator & Secretary

  28th June: Opening of  “St. Ann’s Convent” at Palia, Kheri NP

 8th July: Opening of “Ursuline Convent” at  Pitampura, Old Delhi.

1996       23rd January: Opening of the Mission in Assam. The Sisters lived in a rented house till the

  30th of May 1999, when the “Ursulne Convent” was inaugurated at Golpara, Assam.

. 25th March: Opening of “Tanmaya Formation House”, for the Central Province, at Nashik,

        11th April: opening of “Shantisadan”’ at Chellavoor, Calicut, Kerala – for Senior Sisters.

1997       9th February: Opening of the’ Communidade Santa Ursula’ at Praia Grande, Brazil.

3rd to 28th August:  62 nd General Chapter celebrated  the first time in India, at Nivedita, Bangalore.  Sr. M. Giovanna Alberoni was elected Superior General.

Sr. Bernardina Poonthottam, Vice General

Sr. Ester Delrio- Councillor,

Sr. Alberta Arackal – Councillor,

Sr. Michael Ann Vandakathil- Councillor

Sr. Alice Kongola- Procurator,

Sr. Liset kalluvellikunnel- Secretary

1997      Sr. Carmelita Chovattukunnel is appointed Provincial Superior of the Southern Province

Sr. Philo George Puthiyathu- Vice Provincial

Councilors:- Sr. Vinaya Purayidathil,

Sr. Evelyn Parappikunnel,

Sr. Genevieve Panackal.

Sr. Grashy Jose Kidgan, Provincial Procurator,

Sr. Noreen Karakunnel Provincial Secretary

1997      Sr. Elena Scotti is appointed Provincial Superior of the Italian Province.

1998       15th March:  BEATIFICATION  of the Foundress, Blessed Brigida Morello of Jesus, at Rome, in the Basilica of St. Peter,  by  Pope John Paul II.

   15th March:  Opening of “Brigida Niwas” at Lucknow, in collaboration with the Salasians. It was closed in 2006.

 1998       Sr. Vandana Fernandez is appointed Provincial Superior of the Central Province.

Sr. Berchmans Kuzhimatathil, Vice Provincial

Councillors- Sr. Aquinas Parickappillil,

Sr. Lynda Kochumuriyil,

Sr. Calista Pulakkudiyil

Sr. Jane Mary Kochukaroor, Provincial Procurator & Secretary

 1998      Sr. Elvira is re-appointed Provincial Superior of the Lucknow Province

Sr. Carol Thundathil, Vice Provincial

Councillors: Sr.Rupa Panachipuram,

Sr.Linnet Mundakal,

Sr. Vimal Vattottutharapel.

Sr.Lucy Chakkalakl,  Provincial Procurator,

Sr. Renè Anchikal, Provincial Secretary.

 21st May: Opening     of the “Ursuline Convent” at Thiruppuram, Trivandrum, Kerala

   1st July: The Central Province opened a Mission at Chitradurga, Karnataka, in collaboration with the Salesians Fathers. The mission was closed on 21st April 2001.

  8th July: Opening of “Jyoti Niwas Convent” at Kelhari, Chattisgarh.

  20th July: Opening of “Ursuline Convent” at  Kaikalur, Krishna Dst. AP- by SP

    23rd September: Transfer of the Generalate from Via Monte Senario to our House at Via      Dandolo, 46, Rome, Italy  .

 1999   17th February: 350th Anniversary of the Foundation of our Congregation at Piacenza on 17th February 1649.

    18th February:  Opening of “Brigida Niwas” at Chaibasa, Jhatkand.  CP

   Opening of ‘Jnana Matha Convent’ at  Newas, Maharashtra. Hostel for tribal & village girls.

  24th May:  Healing Ministry started at Goalpara, Assam in the Conven building.  On  11th       February 2005, on  the feast of the Our Lady of Lourdes,  the ‘Nirmala Health Care centre’ was blessed and inaugurated at Goalpara, Assam.

8th August:  Opening of “Maria Sadan” at Allahabad UP:

         2nd October: Opening of  “Morello Convent” at  Naigaon, Vasai Maharashtra. The Sisters  were members of the Shalom community at Bandra till 2005.  On 16th June 2005 Brigida Morello Naigaon became an independent Community.

      27th November: Srs Tecla, Adel and Berchmans were called to Rome for the revision of the Constitutions.  They resided at the Generalate in Italy for three months.

     8th December:  Foundation of a Community at Monte Silvano, in the Diocese of Pescara- Penna, by  the  Italian  Province, for  Socio-Pastoral apostolate.  Sr.Elena Scotti was the Provincial Superior.

2000         May: The Novitiate was shifted to the Provinces and Nivedita became the centre for a    common Tertianship Programme of  9 months duration.  Sr. Daisy Kallarakal was    appointed Tertian Directress.   

     A Formation Center was opened in each Province.  ‘Formation for mission’ was   considered  very vital and more easily achieved by the formees  living closer to the people    they  would serve after their formation, by learning their language, their culture etc.

 Southern Province:   To  Pariyaram,  “Jeevass”.  Sister Betty James, was the Novice Directress.  She was helped by Sr. Carol Thundathil of the Northern Province, for a month.  There were 9 novices to enter  the second year of formation.

Central Province: To Nashik, “Thanmaya”, Nashik.  Sister Fabian Jose  was the Novice Directress.    There were  6 Novices at the time.

Northern Province: To  Kathgodam for 5 years.  In 2005, the Novitiate was moved to Lucknow in a   newly-built Formation House,  Anugraha.  Sister Anu George was the Novice Directress.  There were 5 Novices.

2000      15th to 20th November: Second Enlarged General Council celebrated  at Rome.

 2001      Sr.Carmelita Chovattukunnel is re-appointed Provincial Superior of the Southern Province

Sr. Evelyn Parappikunnel, Vice Provincial


Sr. Vinaya Purayidathil,

Sr. Olympia kattamkottiland,

Sr. Ann Jose Neeruvelil.

Sr. Grashy Jose Kidgan,  Provincial. Procurator,

Sr. Marcella Kaviyil,  Provincial. Secretary

2001    1sth January:  Opening of ‘Ursuline Convent’ at Gautam Budh Nagar, Greater Noida.    In  the year 2010 it became the Provincialate of the Nirmala Province.

  2001    Sr. Tecla Nellanikatt is appointed Provincial Superior of the Northern  Province.

   Sr.   Carol Thundathil , Vice Provincial

Councilors Sr. Rupa Panachipuram,

Sr. Stella Ann Edathil,

Sr. Philo Jose Valukandathil .

Sr. Sonia Palayikudyil, Provincial Treasurer,

Sr. Mabel kaithavelil - Prov Secretary

 2001    Sr. Vandana Fernandez is re-appointed Provincial Superior of the Central Province.

   Sr. Berchmans Kuzhimatathil, Vice Provincial

Councilors: Sr. Christopher,

Sr.. Calista Pulakkudiyil,

Sr. Kusum Panthalanickal.

Sr. Jane Mary Kochukaroor,  Provincial Procurator,

Sr. Pious Poranganal- Provincial  Secretary

 2001       18th February: opening of  ‘Communidade Beata Brigida Morello’ at Sao Vicente, Brazil.

 14th May:   Birth of the African Mission at Songea, Tanzania, East Africa. By the CP      Pioneers:        Sr. Geena Vangathanam,   Sr.  Alinda Jose kalluvelikunnel,   Sr. Sucorine Rebello.

2002      19th May: Opening of  “Ursuline Convent” at Kumbalgodu, Bangalore, Karnataka..

29th May: Opening of  “Brigida Bhawan” at  Kallamam, Kerala.

27th June: Opening of  “Ursuline Convent Jayanti Niketan” at Kota M.P


 13th January:  Birth of the Kenyan Mission at Matiri, Meru Diocese.  By the NP.Pioneers:       Sr. Priya  Kariamruthumkal,      Sr. Bennet Cherolicakal,     Sr. Rani Jose Thycheriyil;    to serve in St. Orsola’s Hospital, built and run by a  Group of Italian lay People from  Ferrara Italy.

 2003   6th March: Opening of “St. Mary’s Convent” at Vilayncode, Kannur Dst., Kerala

10th May: Opening of  “Brigida Niwas” at  T.C. Palaya, Bangalore, Karnataka.

  31st May:  Birth of the Libyan Mission, at El-beida,  diocese of Bengazi.  Opened at the         request of Propaganda Fides: to be a Christian presence in a Muslim country. Pioneers of this Mission from the  Southern   Province were:      Sr.  Prema,        Sr. Soumya,        Sr. Sheril.        To  serve, as Nurses, in a Hospital run by the Muslim Governme

  12th July: A”Charism Retreat” was organized at Province level in the three Provinces.

  8th August to 3rd September: Celebration of the 63rd General Chapter at the Generalate, Rome.Sister Bernardina Poonthottam  elected Superior General.  First Indian Sister to lead  the Institute.

 General Council:

 Sr.Angela Marina Magalini, Vicar General

Sr.Carmelita Chovattukunnel, Councillor & Secretary

Sr. Elvira Mattappally, Councillor

Sr. Vandana Fernandes, Councillor

Sr. Alice Kongola- Procurator

 2003  18th October: Golden Jubilee Celebration of the Northern Indian Mission at St. Joseph’s  Convent,  Chakeri, Kanpur. UP.

 20th October: First College of Nursing opened at Marikunnu, Nirmala Hospital Calicut Kerala


 9th February: Opening of ‘Ursuline Convent’ at Mpandagindo, Tanzania.

  2004     Sr. Fernanda Ezhanikatt is appointed Provincial Superior of the Southern  Province.

  Sr. Sunita Kootungal, Vice Provincial

Councilors: Sr. Genevive Panakal,

Sr. Betty James Thayyil,

Sr. Jessy Philip Tenamamckal

Sr. Tisy Jose  Kochankal, Provincial Procurator,

Sr. Marcella Kaviyil  Provincial secretary

 Sr. Berchmans Kuzhimattathil is appointed Provincial Superior of the Central Province.

Sr.Christopher Nellanikat, Vice Provincial

Councilors: Sr. Angeline Maliakkal,

Sr. Nives D’ Souza,

Sr. Kusum Panthalanickal.

Sr. Jaya Kunnel,  Provincial Procurator & Secretary

  Sr. Tecla is re-appointed Provincial Superior of the Lucknow Province

  Sr. Stella Ann Edathil, Vice Provincial

Councilors: Sr. Philo Jose Valukandathil,

Sr. Mabel Kaithavelil,

Sr. Mary George Moolechalil,.

Sr. Sonia Palayikudyil, Provincial Treasurer,

Sr. Bernardisa Urumbil, Provincial Secretary

 2004   8th September: The School of Nursing started at Kanpur, UP, as part of Mariampur Hospital. It  was named Maria Bhawan.  The school building was inaugurated on 8th September 2004

13th September:  Opening of ‘Morello Home’ at Lihwena, Tanzania, as the Formation House of the African Mission. It was first a small farm house. On 17th June 2008, the newly constructed Novitiate  House was inaugurated and it was re-named “Ursuline Training  Centre”.

  12th November:  The 70th Anniversary ( Sapthati) of the foundation of the UMI Indian  Mission.

 3rd December:  Erection of a Vice-Province, carved out of the Northern Province, Sister Carol  Thundathil  was its first Superior.


Sr. Cleopha Thuppalangiyil,

Sr. Rittie Mattahil

Sr. Rani Jose Thycheriyil, Treasurer        


5th February: Blessing of “Anugrah Formation House” for the Northern Province. The Novitiate  had been at kathgodam for 5 years.

11th February: Opening of the “Nirmala Health Centre” at Golpara, Assam.

  16th June:  Opening of  “Morello Convent” at Naigaon, Vasai, Maharashtra.

  19th June:  Opening of  “The Holy Family Institute of Nursing Education”  at Andheri, a   suburb of Mumbai, in a temporary Center, on rent from the CNGI (Catholic Nurses Guild  of India)

  29th October:  Opening of the “Ursuline Convent” at  Manjakunnu, Thrissur, Kerala.


 5th February:  Opening of “ursuline Convent” at Monggre, West Garo Hills, Meghalaya.

17 February:  Opening of “Arkisha Kendra” at Naigaon, Vasai, for “battered women.

   6th May:  Opening of “Morello Convent” at Srirangapatna, Mandya, Karnataka.

   27th May:  Opening of “Ursula Niketan” at Kanhirakudam, Kasargod, Kerala

   8th September:  The Brazil Mission is declared a Delegation with Sister Yvonne Fernandes as its first  Delegate Superior.

    28th November:  Opening of “Jnana Matha”,  Hostel for Tribal girls.              

  8th December: Opening of  “Ursuline Convent” at Tabata,  Daar-er-salam, Tanzania.


Sr. Sunita Kootungal is appointed Provincial Superior of the  Southern  Provinc

Sr Betty James Thayyil, Vice Provincial

Councilors: Sr. Genevieve Panakal,

Sr. Philo George Puthiyath,

Sr. Jessy Philip Tenamamckal,

Sr. Tisy Jose  Kochankal,  Provincial Procurator,

Sr. Marcella Kaviyil,  Provincial Secretary

2007       Sr. Carol Thundathil is appointed Provincial Superior of the Northern  Province.

  Sr. Rupa Panachipuram, Vice Provincial

Councilors: Sr. Tresea Simon Avunoor,

Sr. Daisy Kallarakal,

Sr. Nirupa Puthenpurayil,

Sr. Purnima Attarimackal, Provincial Procurator,

Sr. Daisy k Kallarakal, Provincial.Secretary

2007       Sr. Berchmans Kuzhimattathil is re-appointed Provincial of the Central Province.

   Sr.Calista Pulakkudiyil, Vice Provincial

Councilors: Sr. Angeline Maliakkal,

Sr. Fabian Kaviyil,

Sr. Sally Joseph Puthenpurackal,

Sr. Nikesh Munjatt,  Provincial Procurator,

Sr. Celine Jose, Provincial Secretary.

2007         Sr. Mabel Kaithavelil is appointed Superior of the Vice Province.


Sr. Yvette Cheryapurath

Sr.Rittie Mattathil

Sr. Rani Thycherriyil, Treasurer.

2007         Sr. Ester Delrio  is appointed Provincial Superior of the Italian  Province.

2007          Nivedita  had been opened at Bangalore in 1990 as a Novitiate House for the three      Provinces.   On the 27th of  February  It was declared  a Spirituality & Renewal Center for  the whole  Congregation and it was placed directly under the jurisdiction of the General    Council. Besides other programmes, every year, the Juniors Sisters attend a Tertianship        Course of 10 months duration at the Center.

  April:  Sr. Anu George Kandavanam is appointed Tertian Directres.

2007        29th July:  Sister Maria Celine Kannanaikal  has been declared  SERVANT OF GOD  by   the Church,  50 years after her death which occurred on 25th July 1957.   The ‘Cause’ for her beatification has initiated at the Diocesan level.             

  17th to  21st October:  3rd Enlarged General Council  celebrated at Rapallo, Italy.

 1st November:  Golden Jubilee of ‘Mariampur School’, Kanpur, UP.

  9th November: Initiation of an educational project at  Nairobi Kenya by the Northern Province.

In  2009,  14th February, opening of “Brigida Morello  School”, a  residential School for students  of VIII to X th std.


 3rd  May:  Blessing and inauguration of the new Provincialate of the Northern Province.   It was shifted from Kalli to the new building at LDA Aashiana,  LDA Colony, Lucknow,  UP.

   2nd to  5th July:  Provincial Chapter of the Italian Province.

  7th September:  Opening of the Convent dedicated to the “Infant Jesus” at  Mohali, Diocese  of Chandigarh, Punjab.

 6th to  12th September:  Provincial Chapter of the Southern Province.

  8th  September:  Blessing and inauguration of the ‘Nirmala Vice Provincialate’ at Greater  Noida, Delhi.

 2nd to  8th October:   5th Provincial  Chapter of the Central Province.

  10th to  16th October:  Provincial Chapter of the Northern Province.


 1st to  25th   August:    64th General Chapter, celebrated at Nivedita, Bangalore, India.

Sister Elvira Mattappally was elected Superior General.

Sister Berchmans Kuzhimattathil,Vicar General.

Sister Angela Marina Magalini, Councillor,

Sr. Mabel Kaithavelil, Councillor & Secretary

Sr. Anna Luisa Kochumuriyi, Councillor

Sr. Jaya Kunnel, Treasurer

  12th   November:  Celebration of the Platinum Jubilee  of the Indian Mission, by the Indian     Provinces.  (Sathpathy)


   24th January:  Golden Jubilee celebration of the “Ursuline Senior Secondary School”, Kannur, Kerala.

 January Sr. Yvette Cheriampurath is appointed Acting Superior of the Vice Province

  12th February:  Opening of the second Convent in Andra Pradesh, by the Southern Province, at Azzampudi, Vijayawada Diocese, AP   A ‘Formation Center named “Ursuline Nivas  Formation House”.

 5th March:  Appointment of Sr. Ester Delrio Provincial Superior of the Italian Province.

 Sr. Rosalina  Broch, Vice Provincial

Councilors: Sr. Giovanna Maria Forlini,

Sr .Gesualda  Carboni,

Sr Molly  Sebastian  Anchanical

10th -13th March:  Celebration of the Silver Jubilee of the Brazilian Delegation .

2010         April:  Appointment of the new Provincial Teams of the Indian Provinces.

 Southern Province : Sr. Sunita Koottungal is appointed   Provincial Superior

 Sr.Vinaya Purayidathil, Vice Provincial

Councilors:Sr.Sybil Chathaly,

Sr.Lilly Jose Parankulangara,

Sr.Annette Kuruvila,

Sr. Smitha Jose, Provincial Procuartor,

Sr. Marcella Kaviyil, Provincial Secretary.

Northern Province:  Sr. Carol Thundathil is re-appointed  Provincial Superior

 Sr. Anu George, Vice Provincial,

Councilors: Sr.Rupa Panachipuram,

Sr.Tresea Simon Avunoor,

Sr. Rose George Erupathezhil,.

Sr. Purnima Attarimackal, Provincial.Procurator,

Sr. Daisy George Nelluvelil, Provincial Secretary

Central Province:  Sr. Gaudenzia Chunayanmackal is appointed  Provincial Superior

   Sr.  Kusum Panthalanickal, Vice Provincial,

Councilors: Sr. Lucien Kochuparambil,

Sr. Ruzaria Corte,

Sr. Celine Jose Thuruthippallil,

Sr. Nikesh Munjatt,  Provincial.Procurator,

Sr. Celine Jose, Provincial. Secretary.

 2010           April:  Sr. Yvonne Fernandes is appointed Superior of the Brazil Delegation.

 Councillors:  Sr. Alex Embrayil and Sr. Manju Mathew Pendanath

April:  Updating of the “Customary” by each Province, according to need: climate., Culture of the Mission

 17th June:  “Forth Centenary of the birth of  our Foundress, Blessed Brigida Morello of    Jesus”  Celebrated by all the Provinces, by the Brazil Delegation and by the African Mission.

 10th August:  Blessing and inauguration of “Brigida Bhavan”, at Marikunnu, a home  for the elderly and sick Sisters of the Southern Province.  The building is fit to give the   Sisters easy access to a beautiful Chapel, comfortable rooms and eventual medical   assistance from our Nirmala Hospital.

 12th November: Celebration of the “Platinum” Jubilee of our presence in India

 2010       3rd Dec: The Nirmala Vice-Province is declared a Province and is based at Greater Noida

 Sr. Rittie Mattathil is appointed its First Provincial Superior

Sr. Nirupa Puthenpurackal, Vice Provincial,

Councilors: Sr. Daisy Kallarakal,

Sr. Benette  Cherolickal,

Sr. Thelma Kolllamkunnel,

Sr. Rani Jose Thycheril, Provincial Treasurer,

Sr. Daisy kallarakal, Provincial Secretary.


 26th February: Closure of the Libyan Mission due to the civil war erupted to depose the   dictator Geddafi.     

   9th July:   First Profession of  two Tanzanian Novices,  Sisters Petronilla and Salome    at  the Formation House at Lihwena,  Songea Archdiocese.

  1 September to 8th October: 3rd Province Assembly in 4 groups, by the Southern Province-

  23rd September to 16th October: 3rd Provincial Assembly in 3 groups by the Northern P.      

23rd September to 16th October: 1st Provincial Assembly in 2 groups by the Nirmala P.

 13th October to 6th November:  3rd Provincial Assembly, in 3 group, by the Central P.

  21st November:  Opening of a  second Convent at Dar.er-salaam, at BUYUNI,   to be a    School.  5th Convent in Tanzania.  Named: “Ursuline Convent”.

   8th December:: Opening of the “Morello Convent” at Panwel, Mumbai, Maharashtra..

   27th to  29th December:  “Province Assembly” at Piacenza by the Italian Province.


11th to 13th January:   3rd Assembly of the Brazil  Delegation

 1st February: Opening of an Indian Community in Italy at St. Agata di Puglia, Foggia. Our    Sisters  take care of the Inmates of a Home for the Aged, called Casa del Sacro Cuore.

  29th February:  “Exhumation of the Mortal Remains of  the Servant of God, Sister M. Celine    Kannanaikal”.  The solemn ceremony was held at Kannur in the Catholic Cemetery;  In the     presence of the Bishop of Kannur, Rt. Rev. Mgr. Varghese Chackalackal,  our Superior  General,  Sr. Elvira Mattappally, Sr. Berchmans, the Vicar, many Priests, our Sisters and some     family members of  the Servant of God,  Maria Celine Kannanaikal.   Sister Celine’s tomb is now in the Chapel of the “Mother House” of the Indian Mission” at     Kannur  

   May: Common Novitiate at Anugrah under the Lucknow Province. Due to the reduced    number of Novices in the Novitiates of each Province, Anugrah was declared the Common Novitiate.  Sister Pushpa Jacob is appointed  Novice Directress, assisted by Sr. Alice Antony of the Central Province.

   16th June :  First Profession of 3 Tanzanian Novices at Lihwena, Songea, Tanzania

  10th August:  Appointment of Sister Geena Vengathanam  to be the Superior of the Mission  in Tanzania.

2012 Printing, in English, of the “Profiles of our Departed Sisters”  from 13th January 1650 to 30th    May 2010.  A copy was given to all our Communities in India

 5th August: Death of Mother Stefania Murelli, at 98 years of age.  She had been Superior of the Indian Mission and contributed in great measure to its growth. A great missionary indeed! ( Refer to III. Annals for more details). She had also been the Superior General of the Institute and the first Provincial Superior of the Italian Province.

   27th December: Blessing and inauguration, by His Eminence Cardinal Oswald Gracias, of the   “Holy Family Academy of Nursing Education and Medical Lab.Technology” at Kurla, Mumbai, Maharashtra.


14th January:  Blessing and inauguration of the Convent building, named ‘Ursula Niketan’ at         Kanhiradukkam, Kerala.

  16th January:  Blessing and inauguration of a newly built residence-cum Formation House at  Katani, Kenya,  East Africa.  NP.

 28th January: The Community of  Morello Convent at Naigaon was transferred to Kurla, the new Holy Family Nursing Academy, leading to the closure of the Naigaon Convent. The transferred Convent is now named “Holy Family Convent”. On the other hand, Arkisha Kendra, which had been used by the School of Nursing, was re-vived as a Community and as a re-habilitation Centre and to carry on the ‘Prison ministry’

  5th March: Re-appointment of Sr. Ester Delrio as Provincial. Superior of the Italian Province.

  Sr. Vandana Fernandes, Vice Provincial

Councilors: Sr Anna Maria Caldonazzo,

Sr M. Alessandra Sotgiu,

Sr Rosalina Broch .

2013 14th March: Blessing and inauguration of the ‘Ursuline Convent’ at Kundannur, Diocese of  Trissur. At present, it belongs to the Southern Province.  It is situated behind the ancestral    home of the Servant of God, Maria Celine Kannanaikal and is designated a Prayer House. It had been a desire of all the Sisters to own the house wherein Sr. Celine was born and lived.  There were obstacles which were overcome with some difficulty. All the Provinces contributed financially for the transaction, Mother Stefania too in a big measure.  And so her dream was fulfilled.  Mother Stefania had been the Novice Mistress of the Servant of God, Sr. Maria Celine,   had witnessed the extraordinary mystical manifestations of Celine and had recorded them.     

2013    10th April: Sr.Kusum Panthalanickal is appointed Provincial Superior of the Central        Province.

  Sr. Ruzaria Corte, Vice Provincial

Councilors: Sr. Nikesh Munjanattu

Sr. Lucien Kochuparambil,

Sr. Ancy Emmanuel,

Sr. Nikesh Munjanattu,  Provincial Treasurer.

2013      13th April: Sr.Vinaya Purayidathil is appointed Provincial Superior of the Southern Province     Sr. Veena Panamkattu, Vice Provincial

Councilors: Sr. Leela Edamulayil,

Sr. Annette Kuruvila,

Sr. Shini Varkey,

Sr. Smitha Jose, Provincial Procuartor,              .

Sr. Marcella Kaviyil, Secretary

  30th April:  The Southern Province took charge of the administration of NIVEDITA from the       Central Province. Sister Betty James is appointed Tertian Directress. Sr. Sunita Kootungal is appointed  Superior of Nivedita and  Co-ordinator  of the Inter –Province Animation Programmes..

2013     4th May: Sr. Rupa Panachipuram is appointed Provincial Superior of the Lucknow Province

Sr. Rose George Erupathezhil, Vice Provincial

Councilors: Sr.Sonia Abraham Palayikudiyil,

Sr.Maria Philip Kanayinkal

Sr. Pushpa Jacob  Puthussery,

Sr.Reena Paul Kunnath, Provincial Treasurer,

Sr.Bernadisa Urumbil, Provincial Secretary.

  May: Sr.. Alice Antony is appointed Novice  Directress of the common Noviciate, at  Anugrah   for  the Novices of the Lucknow, Nirmala and Central Provinces.          

 May: At the request of the Provincial Team of the Southern Province, their Novices remain at Jeevass,. Pariyaram, Kannur Dst.  Sister Sudeepa was appointed  Novice Directress.

 2013     July:  Sr. Alex Embrayil is appointed Superior of the Brazil Delegation.

  Councilors:  Sr. Roseline Rebello  and Sr. Zilda do Carmo Honório

July 2013:  Release of the  “ ANNALS” of the UMI Mission in India  (III volume - 1999 – 2010)

    August 9th to 12th: 4th Enlarged General Council  was celebrated at the Generalate, Rome,

   4th September: First Profession of the 3rd batch of 4 Novices at Lihwena, Songea, Tanzania.

 10th September: Closure of the Community at Montesilvano by the Italian Province

Silver Jubilee celebration of the Birth of the 3 Indian Provinces.


 1st January:  The Superior General, Sr. Elvira Mattappally, in accord with the Provincial  Superiors and their councils has declared the new names of the 4 Indian Provinces to be:              

               Southern Province                  AMALA

                Lucknow Province                  VIMALA

                Central Province                     SACRED HEART

                Delhi Province                         NIRMALA  

15th Feb.2014 . Golden Jubilee of St. Joseph’s School, Robertsganj, UP

The Golden Jubilee of St. Joseph’s School, Robertsganj was celebrated with hreat jubilation and thanksgiving for the innumerable blessings received from the Lord during the past 50 years.

28th March to 12th April:  4th Pre-Chapter  Assemblies of the  Amala Province

The Pre-Chapter Assembly of the Amala Province was held in 4 batches at the Ursuline Provincialate,  Kannur and at Nirmala Hospital, Calicut.

 25th April to 12th May:  4th Pre-Chapter Assembly  of the  Sacred Heart Province.

The Pre-Chapter Assembly was held in 3 batches:  from 25th – 28th April,.   2nd - 5th May and    9th - 12th   May.

  30th April: Closing of the “Ursuline Convent” at Pitampura, Old Delhi, Archdiocese of Delhi.

 12th May:  The IVth Province, Nirmala, has a new Council:

Sr. Rittie is confirmed as Provincial Superior

Sr Nirupa Puthenpurackal, Vicar

Sr. Bennette Cherolickal,  Councillor

Sr. Archana Thyparambil          “

Sr. Anu George Kandavanam, Procurator

28th May:  Closing of the Diocesan Enquiry regarding the Servant of God, Sister Maria   Celine Kannanaikal, celebrated at Kannur in the Chapel of the ‘Mother House’ of the Indian Mission.

 May 2014:  Appointment of Fr. Cherian Thundathil as Postulator for the Cause of Sr. Celine Kannaikal in Rome and Sr. Lilly Jose as Collaborator for the same cause. 

31st May:  The Sacred Heart Province has initiated a collaboration with the Salesian Fathers in favourour of street girls or girls at risk.  The Centre is at Bangalore “Bosco Vathsalya Bhawan”.  (Ad experimentum for one year)

17 June:  First Profession of the  4th batch 0f 4 Tanzanian Novices, at Lihwena, Songea, Tanzania.

  22 June:  The Nirmala Province  has initiated a Mission in collaboration with the Claration Fathers, at Berwardhi, Jharkand, Diocese of Daltonganj.  To run a Hostel for girls and teach in the school. (Ad experiementum for one year)               

June 2014   Starting the formation- Stage of Candidacy at Brigida Morello Convent, Katani, Kenya.

It is indeed a happy news to record that  in the history of our mission in Kenya, four  candidates of the land joined our Congregation in 2014 and that  we began the  Candidacy program in Kenya. Sr. Carol was the first Candidates Directress. After her, Sr. Silvana was appointed for one year. At Present Sr. Anice Kurien is in charge of the Cadidates..

 10th to 17th July:  :  Pre-Chapter Assembly of the  Nirmala Province.

The 1st Pre-Chapter Assembly of the Nirmala Province was held in two batches:  one at Nirmala Convent, Kathgodam and the other at Nirmala Provincialate, Greater Noida, from 10th to 13th July and from 17th to 20th July  respectively 

 31st July to 31st August:    4th Pre-Chapter Assembly of the  Vimala Province.

The Pre-Chapter Assembly of the Vimala Province was held in 3 batches: one in Mariampur Convent, Kanpur and the other two at the Vimal  Sadan Provincialate, Lucknow .

 9th to  14th September:  Provincial Chapter of the Southern Province Amala.

12th to   18th September:  Provincial Chapter of the Nirmala  Province

1st to  7th October:  Provincial Chapter of the Vimala  Province

21st October:  Opening of “Radini Nivas Convent” - Jeevan Jyoti Care Centre -  at Karjat, Maharshtra by the Sacred Heart Province:

Jeevan   Jyoti Care Centre  was opened on 21st October 2014. But, it was  officially  blessed and inaugurated  on 8th December 2014, by  Rt. Rev. Bishop Agnelo Gracias, the Auxiliary Bishop of Bombay. He celebrated the Holy Eucharist and prayed fervently for the fruitfulness of the new mission:  a home for the poor and destitute women and children.

4th to  10th November:  Provincial Chapter of the Sacred Heart Province

5th November: Golden Jubilee of St. Mary’s Senior Secondary.School, Bazpur.

The UMI Mission at Bazpur, in the State of Uttarakhand, celebrated its Golden Jubilee with joy and  thankfulness.

22nd November: Golden Jubilee of the Sacred Heart Convent School, Obra

A great day indeed was  22nd November 2014  in the history of the Sacred Heart Convent School,  Obra, as it  celebrated its 50 Golden years in the service of the Lord

11th December: Golden Jubilee of St. Joseph’s Senior, Secondary School, Chakeri, Kanpur.

50 years of UMI Mission at Chekkeri, a truly Golden Jubilee,was celebrated with a solemn High Mass presided over by Most Rev. Raphy Manjally, Bishop of Allahabad diocese.

26th to  30th December :  The Provincial Chapter of the Italian  Province was celebrated  at the Mother House, Piacenza, Italy


12th – 15th January: General Assembly of the Brazil Delegation.

15th January - 20th February:  The  Preparatory Commission met at the Generalate,  Rome.

Srs Carol, Regis, Veena and Ruzaria from Indian Provinces and Srs Ester and Vandana from Italian Province, came to the Generalate, Rome,  to take part in the Pre- General Chapter  meeting of the  Preparatory Commission.  Rev. Fr. Lisbert D’ Souza S.J.  was the facilitator of the meeting.  The Preparatory Commission along with the General Team members prepared the Instrumentum Laboris – a basic ‘tool’ for the General Chapter 2015.

14th February: Formation of the UMI Lay Associates by the Amala and Sacred Heart Provinces.

 23rd April: Golden Jubilee of Good Shepherd Hospital,Vythiri. =It was celebrated with a thanksgiving Eucharist by Most Rev.Dr. Varghese Chakkalakal, Bishop of Calicut along with 14 priests.  A Public Meeting. was also held.

 1st May:  Novice Edith Milongo Pulcherie, who hails from Congo, Brazzaville, Africa, and belonging to the Italian Province, made her First Profession  at Lihwena, our Novitiate House in Tanzania. Sr. Ester Delrio, the Provincial Superior received her vows and admitted her to our Congregation. Srs. Vandana and Audrey from the Italian Province and Sisters in the Tanzanian Mission took part in the celebrations. (Editth had belonged to another Congregation)

 June 2015:  Closure of the Health Centre, at Kelhari:

The Health Centre at Kelhari was closed down  due to the scarsity of Nurses and more because of the difficulty in meeting the new directives required for the registration of the Health Centre, made compulsory in Chhattisgarh District.

9th June 2015:  Closure of Infant Jesus Convent, Mohali, Punjab:

Our collaborative Mission at Infant Jesus School and Parish, Mohali, Punjab, under Simla Chandigarh Diocese was closed for valid reasons.  (could say why?)

 4th July 2015 : Closure of the Orsola Hospital Community, Materi Kenya:

Our mission at Matiri   had started in 2003 in collaboration with a Lay Association of Ferrara, Italy, which provided the medical personnel  and the fiancés for running the hospital.   When the Italian Association was dissolved, the running of the Hospital was entrusted to the Diocese of Meru, Kenya, which could not meet the financial and other requirements of  running a hospital. We reluctantly left the Mission because the Government of India does not allow sending the needed fiancé.

6th -23rd August: 65th General Chapter, celebrated at Nivedita, Bangalore, India. It elected the General Council for the sessennium 2015 to 2021, as under:

 Sister Elvira Mattappally was re-elected as Superior General.

Sister Vandana Fernandes ,Vicar General.

Sister Elena Scotti , Councillor,

Sister Philo George Puthiyath, Councillor

Sister Mabel Kaithavelil, Councillor & Secretary

Sister. Jaya Kunnel, Treasurer