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Sr. Yoland Chelakat

Obituary of Sr. Yoland Chelakat - 24.05.2016  “A life spent in suffering is far too precious in God’s sight!” Blessed Brigida Morello of Jesus. Our suffering takes on a new light in Jesus. It was painful to accept the shocking news of the sudden demise of our beloved Sr. Yoland on 24th May 2016. Sr. Yoland was born on 3rd March 1945 as the second of seven children to Thomas and Thresia Chelakat.  They belonged to St. Mary’s Church Pravithanam of Pala diocese. After her schooling, moved by a great desire to follow Jesus more closely, she joined our Congegation, the Ursulines of Mary Immaculate at Kannur, on 28th August 1963.  She pronounced her first vows on 21.11.1968 and made her final commitment in May 1973. She rendered her service to the people of God in the communities of Kannur, Trivandrum, Burnasserry, Mariampur, Renukoot, Kanpur, Thrikarpur, Thimiri, Vizhinjam, Calicut, Chelavoor and Brigida Bhavan.  She engaged herself mainly in the field of social work. She always stood with the poor and weaker section of the society and did whatever she could to uplift them. Her loving and caring approach to the poor, the marginalized, the sick and the old was well appreciated and was very inspiring. She was a great support and strength to our working girls too, who would share their woes and struggles willingly with her. Since long she was under treatment for diabetes and Parkinsonism. In 1999 she was transferred to Shanti Sadan, Chelavoor and in 2010 to Brigida Bhavan, Calicut.  Nothing could separate her from the love of Christ.  She accepted her illness generously and calmly.  She enjoyed and shared her life and talents in Brigida Bhavan with the elderly and sick Sisters.  Forgoing her sickness, she was always available to them in all their needs.  She used to spend her time for comforting, listening, praying the Rosary, singing devotional hymns and also do the spiritual reading for the ailing Sisters in their rooms. In ill health and pain, she had her eyes fixed on her beloved Jesus and she lived joyfully and found satisfaction in life. On 17th May 2016 she was admitted to Nirmala Hospital Calicut with hyper glycaemia and cellulitis on the right chest wall. Her condition remained critical for two days after which she gradually improved and was getting ready to be discharged. On Tuesday, the 24th May at 01.00 a.m. her condition became critical again with severe chest pain and swelling on the chest wall.  She was immediately attended to and made comfortable with treatment and thus slept for some time. Towards morning she woke up with chest discomfort and suffered a massive heart attack and died of cardiac arrest at 6.45 am. Her mortal remains were taken to Brigida Bhavan chapel at 8.00 a.m. and continuous prayers ascended to heaven for the dear departed soul.  At 3.30 p.m. Fr. John Geolin Edezhath, our Parish Priest, concelebrated the Requiem Mass along with several Fathers.  Brothers from “Mercy Home”, Staff and Students of Nirmala Hospital as well as the relatives of Sr. Yoland were present for the Holy Mass. At 4.45 p.m. Most Rev. Dr. Varghese Chakalakkal, Bishop of Calicut, came and offered prayers for the dear departed.  At 5.30 p.m. Sr. Yoland’s mortal remains were taken to Kannur. Sr. Yoland’s mortal remains were received by the grief stricken Sisters at the Ursuline Provincial House, Kannur at 8.30 p.m. Msgr. Antony Pius Edezhath, our Parish Priest blessed and prayed the office for the dear departed Sister. Our Sisters along with the members of Sr. Yoland’s family kept vigil the whole night. Msgr. Devassy Earathara led the funeral Rites with much unction and evident fervour. In his homily,  he highlighted the selfless service rendered by Sr. Yoland to the Church especially to the poor and downtrodden. Her committed services in the social field were much appreciated by the public specially in uplifting the standard of the people at Vizhinjam. At the end of the Holy Eucharist, Msgr. conducted the funeral services and blessed the body. Then the funeral procession made its way to the Holy Trinity Cathedral Cemetery. Msgr. Antony Pius blessed the tomb and led the final prayer, gave the last blessing and her body was laid to rest alongside the other UMIs. May Sr. Yoland, who has gone to the Eternal  Abode of Peace and Joy, intercede for all of us, for our Congregation, for her family, the Church and the whole, world so that we may prepare ourselves to attain  ‘Eternal Peace’ with the Lord!