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Sr. Angioletta Punnakottil

Obituary of Sr. Angioletta Punnakottil  01.12.2016 “Those we love can never be more than a thought  away ….for as long as there’s a memory, they live In our hearts to stay .....”   Life on earth is very good but Paradise will be even more beautiful and good. To join and enjoy ‘Paradise’, our dear Sister Angioletta departed for the eternal abode, on 1st December 2016, at 12.30 pm. Sister Angioletta left us smiling; her smiling face, cheerful and pleasanr disposition /ways had won many souls for Christ; she fostered many vocations to priesthood and to religious life.  Hers was a life made beautiful by kind deeds and by compassion for the needy.   She was born on June 22 1930, the 4th child of Augustin and Mariamma Punnakottil, at Nagapuzha, Kotamangalam Diocesi, Kerala,  District Idukki.  She was Christened Teresiaktty and received the name Angioletta in the Convent.  She joined our Congregation, UMI, on 16th August 1950 at Kannur.  She made the first Profession on 21th July 1954 and the final Profession on 31st July 1957.   Sister Angioletta will be ever remembered. She has shown us a life totally dedicated to the welfare of God’s people, worthy of imitation. She was a person of admirable courage who faced the initial challenges of the Ursuline Indian Mission along with the Pioneers. She rendered her dedicated service to the communities of Mattul, Punchakkad, Bangalore, Wellington, Pambra, Paryaram, Mangara, Calicut, Mangalore, Chelavoor and Kannur.  She was a mother to the orphans and the boarders.  She was privileged to look after the elderly and sick Priests at “Shalom”, Calicut .  She carried out the householf activities cheerfully and with dedication.  She was a lover of prayer and her activities were an ourflow of it.  Her jovial nature, acceptance of others  as they are and her serenity were an inspiration for us.  She never desired to be known by others and she worked without complaining.   Sister Angioletta was a member of the Kannur community from 2012 rendering her service in whichever way she could and spending most of her time in prayer interceding for all. Gradually her health became weak. In September 2016  she was diagnose as having cancer in the mouth.  (soft palate)  She was treated with chemotherapy at our Nirmala Hspital, Calicut but slowly  her condition deteriorated. During her illness it was admirable to see her very calm, serene  and even humorous. On 1st December at 12.30 pm she gently passed into eternity.  Sr. Dr. Fernanda, Sr. Amala and a Nurse were near her.  The Parish Priest gave her a blessing.  She had received the Sacrament of the sick a few days earlier.   Sister Angioletta’s mortal remains were placed in Brigida Bhawan Chapel and many people from the nearby Institutions came to offer prayers. The Vicar General of the Calicut Diocese, Msgr.Thomas Panackal, celebrated the Requiem Mass along with other Priests, at 15.00.  After the Eucharist, at 7 pm, her body was taken to the Provincial House at Kannur.  The Sisters of the Provincialate community and of our nearby convents received the mortal remains of dear  Sister Angioletta, at 21.00  and kept a vigil.  Her nieces, Sister Benzita e Sister Anu George arrived in the morning. Many Priests, Religious and Sisters of the Kannur Diocese paid their last homage to Sister Angioletta.   The funeral service was celebrated by the Bishop of the Diocese of Kannur, Rev. Dr. Alezx Vandakkumthala. Many Priests concelebrated, among them was her nephew, Father Vincent Kunnappally..   Sister Angioletta is buried in the Cemetery of Kannur, in the place ser apart for th UMI.