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Sr. Baptista

ister Baptista Thekumkattil 21st October 2015 “whether we live or whether we die, we belong to the Lord.” (Rom. 14: 8) Our dear Sister Baptista who was attuned to the voice of her Beloved, took her flight to heaven when she heard His call, at 01.10 a.m. on 21st October 2015, the feast of St. Ursula, the Patroness of our Congregation, to celebrate it most solemnly with the heavenly court. Sr. Baptista was born on 7th May 1939, the fifth of the seven children gifted to late Francis and Anna Thekkumkattil, at Palai, Kerala. She was christened Anna and fondly called Chinamma by her loving family. She was fortunate to le born in a traditional Catholic family, of God-fearing parents. She had one brother and five sisters. After completing her studies, she joined our Congregation, at Cannanore, on 8th February 1960, made her first Profession on 12th September 1962 and the final on 12th September 1967. She obtained a diploma of Medical Laboratory technician from the Medical College of Kanpur. Sister Baptista has given her service in our Congregation, especially in the Northern Province, in many communities and with different responsibilities. Soon after the completion of her studies, she served in the Nirmala Hospital at Marikunnu, Calicut, from 1965 to 1971. Her service, after this date was given in our hospitals and mission stations in various capacity She has been animator of communities of the Northern Mission, in charge of the Laboratory Department of hospitals: at Mariampur, Kanpur, Karunashray Hospital at Sultanpur, Robertsganj Health Centre, ST. Mary’s Health Center at Bazpur and of Rosary Villa’s Health Center at Bowali, UP. As one of the early members of the Northern mission, Sr. Baptista put her heart and soul into whatever she did and wherever she was placed. She toiled hard to bring up the missions spending her time selflessly. Sister Baptista was a person of conviction who never compromised with anything else. She was very faithful to spend time with the Lord and was seen in the Chapel regularly in the afternoon, alone with the Lord and praying the Rosary. She was very much in touch with the happenings in the world by reading the newspaper and listening to the TV News. She was good at relating with people. She was a simple and hard working person, a lover of nature: she enjoyed working in the vegetable and flower gardens. Her love and concern for the poor and needy was expressed in the interest she showed for the welfare of the workers, drivers and poor children with whom she was in touch. She was a jovial person at home with children; also pastorally oriented so that she found time to visit families, listen to and pray with the people, as long as she was able to go and generously help those in need. In January this year, she became very seriously ill – to need admission in the ICCU and to be put on a ventilator. Many prayed for her and she recovered enough to be moving around. On 21st October, at 01.00 am, she called Sister Jyoti Augustin, complaining of chest pain. When Sr. Jyoti reached the room, she found Sr. Baptista sitting repeating the name of Jesus. She was immediately given medical aid, but it could not help her. She had suffered a massive heart attack and at 01.10 hr. She took her flight to heaven to receive her eternal reward amidst the Sisters gathered around her and praying for her. The funeral service took place on 22nd October at 09.00. Rt. Rev. Dr. Raphy Majally, the Bishop of Allahabad Diocese was the main celebrant for the Eucharist, along with other five Priests. After the Holy Mass and prayers, the funeral procession moved to the Lal Kurthy cemetery where her body was laid to rest along with our Sisters who have gone before her. May Jesus, our life and resurrection, shower His blessings on each one who stood by our side at this time of sorrow. Let us pray that Sister Baptista, who went ahead of us to the heavenly abode, intercede for us and obtain blessings from her Beloved Lord, for her family, for our Congregation, for the Church and the world at large. Sr. Rupa Panachipuram Provincial Superior