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Sr. Cecilia Kattamkottil

Obituary of Sister Cecilia Kattamkothil  RIP 25.07.2016   “Precious  in the eyes of the Lord is the death  of His Saints”  Ps. 116:15   Sister Cecilia was summoned by the Lord to His side to receive the much deserved crown of righteousness, on Monday, 25th July 2016 at 17.15  - on the same day that the Servant of God, Maria Celine Kannaniakal went to God in 1957.   Sister Cecilia was born as the forth of six children of Scaria e Anna  of the Kattamkothil family on 5th May 1928 at Kallurkkad, Idukki District in Kerala, diocese of Kothamangalam. She was Christened Thresia at baptism  and received the name of Cecilia in the convent. After her schooling she joined our Congregation -UMI - at Kannur, on 24th  June 1946 along wih her elder Sister, Sr. Imelda with whom she pronunced her first vows on 8th May 1949 and her final vows on  8th May 1952. After her vows, she obtained  a teacer’s diploma and began her dedicated service in ‘Little Flower School at Mattul and then at St. Peter’s L.P. school at Burnacherry.  She also taught at Trikarpue, at Vilayankode, Payyanur, Pambra, Pariyara and her last service, after retirement, was given at St. Mary’s Convent, Payyanur.   Sister Cecilia was a happy person, pleasant and deeply spiritual.  She was humble and so respected everyone, even the beggars who used to come for alms.  Always available to help anyone in need, she was caring, encouraging and suppotive.  She was an inspiration for others by her prayerfulness, hard work, openness and motherly affection. Besides her service as a teacher, she was actively involved in the activities of the parish: as catechist, attending BCC prayer meetings, visiting the families.  She was a teacher respected and remembered by hundreds of students whom she taught Crhistian and moral values eager to share Jesus with them.  Manu of her students visited her expressing gratitude.   Sister Cecilia spent her last 25 years in the community of St. Mary’s Convent, Kokkanissery.  She retried from school in 2008 and then she prayed more. In 2012 she was diagnosed as having cancer of the colon.  She was treated and was healed completely.  During the last two years she was losing her memory. She was confined to bed during the last year.  She was admitted several times at BKM Hospital She bore all the hardships of old age calmly.  She was serene and pleasant till the last days of her life.  Her last 5 days were spent as a patient, in BKM hospital  where she breathed her last on 25th July at 17.15 . The funeral service was presided over by the Bishop of Kannur, Rev. Dr. Alex Vadakumthala.  Many Priests and Religious concelebrated. Sister Cecilia was buried in the area of the cemetery of Kannur reserved for us UMI.   May her soul rest in peace.