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Sr. Colette Thattil

Obituary of Sister Colette Thattil Pidiyath  14.07.2016 “I found the one my heart loves. I held Him and would not let Him go”   Sister Colette was born as the seventh of eight children of Chacko and Mariam Thathil Pidiyath  on 24th December 1934, at Puthukad, Thrissur Dist.  After her studies, she joine our Congregation at Cannanore  on 31st May 1962.  Her first Profession took place on 21 February 1965 and the Final Profession on 1st May 1970.   She served the Congregation as a teacher.  She was dynamic and endeared herself to the students.  Her dedicated service was  done in many of our educational Institutions:  at  Payyanur, Trivandrum and at Mannarkad.  She was also actively involved in Parish activities, especially in teaching Cathechism, visiting the families of the parishioners and students, in BCC Prayer meetings, even when she was weak and could hardly walk.  She was very compassionate towards the poor, the suffering and the abandoned.  She guided her students, helpe the slow-learners and cared for their all-round development. She was a woman of prayer, devoted to spiritual activities and, because she loved music, enlivened the Liturgy by playing the Hatmonium, the Tabla and the Guitar.   Sister Colette retired from St. Mary’s School in 2010 and the rest of her life was spent  in prayer and service at St. Mary’s Convent,  Kokkanissry.  With aging, Sr. Colette lost her eyesight gradually and grew weak.  Was treated at Nirmala Hospital, Calicut and at the Co-operative Hospital at Payyanur.  From the month of March she was bed-ridden. Was treated at the BKM Hospital at Payyanur.  Sister Colette bore her her ailments calmly;  she was serene  and pleasant during her last days.  Our Sisters were around her when she beated her last on 14th July at 12.30.   Many came to pay tribute to Sister Colette: Priests, Religious, Teachers, students  and many persons who had benefitted by her ministry;  For her funeral too, which took place at the Chapel of the UMI Provincialate at Kannur. Sister Colette is buried at the Kannur cemetery.