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Sr. Eliza Mangalath

Sr. Eliza Mangalath   R.I.P. 1st Feb. 2016                                                                                 “I am now going to prepare a place for you,    and after I have gone and prepared you a place,   I shall return to take you with me; so that where I am you may be too”.  (John 14:3)      In faith we believe that the words of Jesus in the Gospel   “I shall return to take you with me, so that where I am you may be too, ” became a reality, and fulfilling His promise ,Jesus came to take  his beloved  to himself    on 1st Feb. 2016 at 9:55 p.m.  Our dear Sr.  Eliza who surrendered herself to God’s will, bid farewell to us, and has gone to her eternal abode  leaving behind the unforgettable   memories of her life. Sr. Eliza was born at Vazhithala, Idukki, Kerala on 3rd July 1943 as the 2nd child of Augustine and Annamma Mangalath. She was christened as Eleykutty. She had had 3 brothers and 2 sisters.  Two of her brothers have gone for their eternal reward; one of sisters is a religious. Sister Eliza completed her schooling and joined our Congregation at Cannanore on 6th July 1960. She was professed on 25th March 1963 and received the religious name Sr. Maria Eliza.   She made her final profession on 25th March 1968. Soon after her 1st Profession, Sr. Eliza was assigned to the Mission in North India, and she  rendered her services in various capacities: as community animator and as a treasurer. She served  in  Mariampur Hospital, Kanpur, at St. Joseph’s convent Robertsganj, Nirmala Home for the Aged at Nashik, St. Mary’s Health Centre  Bazpur, Nirmala Niketan,Sikanderpur, Prem Dam, Gajraula, and again at Mariampur Hospital Kanpur  a third time. Sr. Eliza was a gracious, generous and grateful person, who loved people and life itself to the full.   She was ever ready to listen, to console and if there was any way she could help, she did so with enthusiasm and joy. She was a woman of prayer, deeply committed, cheerful, loving and kind. She was soft spoken and gentle in her ways, serene and calm in all situations of life. Yet, she was very sociable and kept up her contacts through letters and phone calls. She was a good friend of the poor and needy;  with her understanding, sympathy and kindness she made a difference in the lives of those who came in contact with her.   The happy memories of the dedicated life and the committed service Sr. Eliza rendered will ever be treasured. Sr. Eliza was highly diabetic and her kidneys were badly dmaged.  On 29th Sept.2015 she was admitted in our hospital at Mariampur for vomiting and for a.kidney infection. She was very weak. On 20th Oct.2015 she had a silent coronary infarct became unconscious, and soon went into deep coma, Her kidney had failed too: On 23rd Oct. she was shfted to Regency Hospital for dialysis. Sr.  Eliza  was administered the  anointing  of  the sick by the priests of  St. Xavier’s parish church Kanpur After two days, she was brought back to Mariampur Hospital. Gradually she recovered a bit and started recognizing people. On 15th January 2016 she became suddenly unconscious and started deteriorating and she appeared to be in great pain On 29th January  at 05:30 am once again she became very critical. On 1st February at 9: 40p.m. her condition became worse and at 9.55 p.m. she passed away. The funeral service took place on 2nd Feb.2016 at 03:00 p.m.   Rev. Fr.    Sebastian Francis, the parish priest of St. Xavier’s Church Kanpur and the dean of  the Kanpur region was the main celebrant of the Eucharistic Celebration along with six other Priests of the Allahabad diocese. After the Holy Mass the funeral procession moved to Lal Kurthy cemetery where her body was laid to rest with our sisters who have gone before her. As we commend the  soul of our dear Sr. Eliza to the Lord, we are confident that He, the Lord,  will receive her into Paradise.  Sr. Eliza will certainly intercede for us and obtain blessings fr  her family, our beloved congregation, the Church and the world with his choicest graces and blessings.