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Sr. Janette Villanthanath

Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His faithful ones. Ps116:15 We know that if the earthly tent we live in is destroyed, we have a building from God, a house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens. For in this tent we groan longing to be clothed with our heavenly dwelling. Jesus had prepared a dwelling place for our dear Sr. Janette and called her for the heavenly banquet to wear the crown of the Divine Bliss. Sr. Janette was born as the fifth child of Thomas Villanthanath and Thresia on 15th June 1943 at Teekoy in Pala Diocese. After her Schooling she joined the Ursuline Convent on 16th January 1961. Sr. Janette pronounced her First Vows on 21st Feb. 1965 and Final Vows on 25th May 1971. She availed her long 53 years of dedicated services in Chakeri, Robertsganj, Mariampur, Goa, Payyambalam, Vythiri, Paladka, Kurumathur, Ezhimala, Trikaripur, Thirupuram, Kannur, Pariyaram, Mangara and Punchakkad. She was engaged in hospital maintenance, house management, teaching, and vocation promotion. As a social worker she rendered her selfless service to KAIROS and Jail ministry. She was the CRI president of Thaliparamba Forane. Sr. Janette was cheerful, loving, caring, pleasant and always stood for the poor and the downtrodden and very zealous in attaining justice for the needy. She could attract the hearts of many to Jesus. Her openness and motherly affection opened the way for others to share their joys and sorrows. She was very active in the Parish - teaching Catechism, animating Mothers’ Association, BCC prayer meetings etc. Sr. Janette’s health condition was deteriorating as she was suffering from diabetes. She had a daring and determined spirit to walk the untrodden path though she was a heart patient. As she was taking rest at Punchakkad convent suddenly she fell ill and there was swelling all over her body. At once she was taken to Nirmala Hospital, Calicut and was under treatment for two months. Due to Hepatic Encephalopathy (long lasting diabetes causing failure of brain, kidney and liver), she flew to her heavenly abode on 3rd July. Her mortal remains were brought to Brigida Bhavan, Convent Chapel at Calicut, and our sisters and her relatives spent the whole night in prayer for the dear departed soul. Priests, sisters and others from Calicut Diocese paid their last homage to her. His Lordship Rt. Rev. Dr. Varghese Chakkalakal, Bishop of Calicut concelebrated the Requiem Mass along with Msgr. Thomas Panackal and many other priests. Bishop spoke of her goodness and highlighted many of his personal experiences with her. After the Holy Eucharist on 4th July, her mortal remains were taken to Ursuline Provincialate, Kannur. Many priests and religious from the Diocese of Kannur came, prayed and paid their last tribute to her. Rt. Rev Dr. Alex Vadakumthala Bishop of Kannur concelebrated the funeral Mass along with other priests. Rev. Msgr. Clarence Paliath gave a meaningful funeral oration in which he spoke of the virtues and the committed life of Sr. Janette, which made many people self Sufficient in their life. Her compassion and kindness for the poor and less privileged was highly appreciated by him. After the Holy Mass and prayers, the funeral procession made its way to the Holy Trinity Cathedral Cemetery. Rev.Fr. Jacob Kumminiyil conducted the last rites, gave the final blessing and the mortal remains were laid to rest. I take this opportunity to express my deep gratitude to Most Rev. Dr. Alex Vadakumthala for concelebrating the Holy Eucharist and his words of appreciation of Sr. Janette’s committed service to the Diocese. My sincere thanks to Rev. Dr. Varghese Chakkalakal, Bishop of Calicut, for celebrating the requiem Mass at Brigida Bhavan, Calicut, and his meaningful and heartfelt words about Sr. Janette. May her soul Rest in Peace and intercede for our Congregation and the World!