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Sr. Mariathina Ezhanikattu Puthenpurackal

Obituary of Sister Mariathina Ezhanikattu Puthenpurackal   30.10.2016 For He only takes the best: “He who has gone, So we but cherish his memory, abides with us, More potent, more present than the living man” Antoine de Saint-Exupery   od looked around his garden and he found an empty place. He then looked down upon this earth and saw the tired face.  He put his arms around her and lifted her to Himself to eternal rest! God’s garden must be beautiful as He always takes the best. Yes, God called Sister Mariathina to His garden of eternal life and she departed to take possession of her rightful place in this garden at 10.30 a.m. on 30th October 2016. She has left fragrant memories behind for us all and is now enjoying everlasting bliss.   Sister Mariathina was the eldest of 4 children born to Mr. Augustin and Mariamma Puthenpurackal on 30th April 1933, at Enavalloor, Ernakula dst., Kerala. She was christened Maria-Kutty and received the name Maristhina in religious life. She joined our Congregation on 15th Octobe 1950, pronounced her First Vows on  6th January 1967 and the Final Vows on 6th January 1972.   Sister Mariathina’s life was an inspiration and her memory a benediction. In the early years of her life in the convent, she knew the pinch of poverty and shared the struggles and the difficulties of our Ursuline Pioneers.  She rendered her dedicated services in Mattul, Punchakkad, Pambra, Ambalapuzha e Kannur for the uplift of the poor, the downtrodden and the orphans.  She lived joyfully, laughed often and loved much. She has always looked for the best in others and gave the best she had.   She did all her deeds sincerely, with love and respect for persons. She was a mother, a sister and a friend to all, ever ready to help and never tired of listening if one needed a listening ear. Deeply rooted in God’s love, she always welcomed everyone with a smile. She rejoiced in other’s success and encouraged others when they were disheartened or depressed. She loved nature, the soil and animals and enjoyed looking after them. She never desired to be known or esteemed by others, but she did her duties well and without complaints. Her life was a clear example that with love one can achieve all things, Her great strength was the Eucharistic Lord before Whom she spent hours, praying and interceding. She had a deep devotion to our Blessed Mother Mary.   Because of poor health in 2013 she was transferred to Marikunnu for better medical care and was active to a certain extent. But for the last one year she has been bedridden. I was blessed to be at her bedside along with her two sisters, Sr. Dr. Fernanda and Sr. Caroline as well as the Sisters of the community when she breathed her lst.   Sister Mariathina’s mortal remains were placed in the Chapel at Brigida Bhavan. Our Parish Priest and many Priests from the nearby Institutions came to offer homage and their prayers.  The Doctors and the hospital staff, as well as Sisters from neighboring convents, relatives and friends visited and paid their respect. The Holy Eucharist was offered at 7.30 pm after which the body was taken to the Ursuline Provincial House, Kannur. All the Sisters along with Sr. Jessy Jose her niece and cousins Srs. Susanna, Benzita e Anu George  were there to receive the mortal remains of dear Sister Mariathina. Most Rev. Dr. Alex Vadakumthala, Bishop of Kannur Diocese performed the funeral rites at 11 a.m on 31st Octber.  In his funeral oration he said: “It is not how much we achieved but how much love and joy we give, and, Sister Mariathina had always given generously with much love and joy!   Sr. Mariathina ’s body was laid to rest in the Catholic Cemetery at Kannur.