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Formation is a progressive growth, a dynamic movement open to constant conversion. Relgious formation has to be based firmly on experience of God in Jesus Christ, through the practise of the evangelical counsels of chastity, poverty and obedience. This experience alone will lead to the inner freedom and detachment so necessary to respond authentically to challenging situations. The primary objective of our formation is to prepare us for the total consecration of ourselves to God in the following of Christ and to enable us to be at the service of the Church’s mission. The ursuline call: Our Foundress Blessed Brigida earnestly desired that every Ursuline develop a Christ –centred spirituality. Inspired by the love of the crucified Lord, our formation will prepare us to continue the mission of Christ, caring for the poorest and the powerless- the crucified of the world. Therefore, the call of an ursuline, centres on the mystery and contemplation of the crucified Saviour, through a specific way of participating in and reliving this mystery of our salvation. The Ursulines are called to :

Foundress Bl. Brigida Morello

Become women of prayer: Our Foundress wants her daughters to be “ women of prayer”, living in constant awareness of His presence, as true servants of God, completely dedicated to Him with an undivided heart. Every Ursuline is called to develop a Christ-centred spirituality identifying herself with Christ Crucified and with the crucified of today’s world. Become women of communion: According to the teachings of our Foundress, community means “ communion of hearts and wills, where all are of one heart” and live in an atmosphere which favours the joyous gift of oneself to God and to the neighbor. So, it is necessary that one cultivates the human qualities of charity, respect, benevolence, sincerity, self control, prudence, refinement, serenity, a spirit of sharing and mutual trust. Become women who long for holiness : Our Foundress conformed herself to the divine will at every moment of her life and she desired that her daughters distinguish themselves in a trustful and total surrender. Besides, the sanctity that she desired for her daughters was to be characterized by asceticism, deep humility and a serene joy of the spirit. She exhorted “ let us seek God, He alone suffices”.To become saints is in our power, and it is what God wants from us”. Become women of action: In order to respond to the missionary vision of our Foundress and to the invitation of the Church, every Ursuline nurtures “zeal for every form of service to the neighbor and renders herself available to the mission in any parts of the world”. Novitate Houses in India: Ursuline Convent Payyambalam Kannur ( 1939- 1990) Kannur had been the cradle of the Institute in India. The Novitiate was started at kannur in 1939, with the gracious blessing and permission of His Holiness Pope Pius X1, granted to the Superior General Mother Giuseppina Brigida Fulcheri. Mother Xavier Sabadini was the first Novice Mistress of the first two novices, Thressiamma and Mary Gonsalves. After a few months Gladys Vas also joined. They are known as Srs Felix, Josephina Gonsalves. and Sr. Aloysia Vaz. In 1946 Mother Margret Benocci was incharge of the Novices. She was more a mother than a Mistress who knew how to mould the novices under her into fervent religious. In 1949 Mother Stefania Murelli was appointed Novice Mistress. Many are the Ursulines, infact a whole generation of them, who have been formed by this fervent and zealous mistress. These were the years of steady growth of the nascent Institute as each year more and more girls flocked into the Ursuline Novitiate. Nivedita Bangalore- ( 1990- 2000) The novitiate which had started in 1939 at kannur kerala, after 50 years was shifted to "NIVEDITA" Bangalore, on 17th February 1990, the 341st anniversary of the foundation of our Institute by blessed Mother Brigida Morello, an ever memorable day. It was on this day that the new Novitate was blessed and opened at Thambuchettipalaya Bangalore by the Superior Gerneral Mother Angela Marina Magalini . The house is named ‘ NIVEDITA’ as we wish to express the purpose of the same: a place where young women learn to offer their lives to God consecrating themselves to Him for His praise and glory. The dawn of April 22nd 1990, witnessed the arrival of 4 second year novices full of enthusiasm and zeal, with Sr. Yvonne, the Novice Mistress. Sr. Yvonne continued her task of moulding and guiding the novices, while Sr. Carol helped as the assistant mistress. Year after year the budding Ursulines pronounced their first vows before the Lord and in the presence of their Provincials and their dear ones.


Blessings from God

The common Novitiate House, ‘Nivedita’, opened on 17th Februart 1990, at Thambuchetty Palaya, Bangalore, was a very valid formation center. However, it was now felt that there should be a greater stress/emphasis on the ‘formation for mission’ and this could be better achieved by experiencing life as lived by the people we serve at their living place. India is a vast country and the culture of each State is different from that of other States. Because of this, the General Council decided to open a Novitiate House in each Province. This was done in Year 2000.

Novitiate of the Southern Province, JEEVAS                    Novitate of the Central Province TANMAYA



 Novitate of the Northern Province ANUGRAH                                                 


 At present Nivedita remains a common house of the Indian Provinces to be used for all inter province on going formation programmes as well as that of the Tertians. It is now called spirituality Renewal Centre ,directly under the General Council                                                                 Novitate House in Brazil- Casa Santa Ursula  The Novitiate House at Ponta Grossa in Brazil was opened in 1986. There are 5 Brazilian Sisters Presentazione4
Our Sisters in Brazil- eager to give themsleves for others........  
 Novitate House in Tanzania-  Lihwena  In Tanzania, the Formation House was opened in 2004 in a small farm house, at Liwenha. In 2008 the new Center was inaugurated and, to date, it has already given the Institute six Tanzanian Sisters.