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Mother Louise Margaret

Maria Louise Margaret Thayil Born in an orthodox Hindu family at Cannanore, on 21st November 1909. Her name was Devayani. After obtaining a Teacher’s diploma she was appointed as a teacher. in our fist school at Cannanore, which was meant mainly for orphans and Pulaya children. In 1939, Mother Margaret entrusted the school to her. Devayani was much captivated by the simple life style of the Sisters. Their custom of greeting each other with a cheery “Good Morning, God bless you!” intrigued her Because, when greeting her, “God bless you!” was left out…She realized that it was a special unique custom. “Don’t I also need God’s blessings?” she began to think. Devayani was much impressed by the spiritual activities of the Sisters, especially when the Holy Eucharist was celebrated. She found the time of Elevation inspiring and appealing. Before long, she expressed her desire to be a catholic. Fr. Taffarel S.J.received her into the fold of Christ on 21st June 1945 - secretly - and without the knowledge of her family. When the family came to know, they took many steps to dissuade her, even legal ones. Because she was a major, even a Magistrate could not do anything. After several years, the family was reconciled with their daughter, who, had also become a religious Sister, taking the name of Louise Margaret, at her Profession, on 22nd December 1949. Sister Louise Margaret was a very fervent religious, observant and loyal. She used to tell the younger Sisters to be generous, to love God and to remain faithful to their vocation. She was a disciplined person, seeking perfection in everything she did. Her kindness and tenderness to all she met were remarkable and she showed them in a practical way in her love and concern. In January 1998she suffered a fracture. In September of the same year she was struck by Herpes and Bronchitis. In spite os severe pain and discomfort, she remained patient and cheerful, and was happy with the visits of her family members. God took her to Himself on 29th October 1998. She is buried at Cannanore.